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Forgiving Judas

What if your Lord and lover of your soul asked you to be the betrayer in the story. There would be no guarantee of anyone ever forgiving you. For how could they?  Look what you did?

And what if your Lord couldn’t forgive you until someone on Earth did?

Would you do it?

Someone has to do it. The prophecy cannot be fulfilled without that one damming kiss.

You will be completely convinced that your plan to help him become king is the plan.  You will be devastated when it all blows up in your face.  And He dies.  A horrible tortured death.  And you did it.  Your kiss started the ball rolling.  You even got paid more money than you’ve ever held before.

The kiss was supposed to be the beginning of ruling the Earth with him.  His showing His full glory to the world.  His being pleased with who you are and what you have done.

But He didn’t resist. He didn’t fight. He didn’t shine. He bore the weight of the whip and the cross.  He died.

The silver turned to dust in your hand. The weight of what you have done destroyed you. You missed Easter morning.

And now you wait.

And wait.

For someone, anyone on Earth to say, ‘You are forgiven.’

You are especially hopeful on Sunday mornings when so many go to Church and pray what the Lord, your Lord and lover of your soul taught us to say. Will today be the day that the forgiveness extends to your deeds as well?  Has the prayer become or has it always been one of rote matter of course?

You will know the moment someone extends Grace to you for you will be able to step out of your self-imposed prison of eternal darkness and into the light. The full glory of the love that you so longed for.

You may wait forever for people have been given a choice. And it is hard to choose to forgive someone who has hurt you much less extending that same release to one who has been judged to commit the worst of crimes ever.

So if you will not play the part, someone else will. He did.

And he waits.

And hopes.

Especially on Sundays.

I don’t think I would have taken the risk to be forever parted from the one whose love is most dear.

For me, today and always, may my prayers extend to all. I choose to be the one that helps open the door for those who cannot open it themselves.

Dear Judas,

Thank you for your part in the prophecy.  For being so brave and strong to take the worst role in our estimation. May you find the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May your sins be wiped clean and you made new when you face the lover of your soul once more.

And Judas, know that when I pray this prayer, I pray it for all who are waiting for renewal. Yesterday, Today and  Forever.

Won’t you extend the same forgiveness to me as well?  For I, too, am in need of a saviour.