A Message from Eve


I am glad you remember me. You remember me often.  Many people are worried that when they are gone, they will be forgotten.  I have no chance of that.

I’m the one you point to and say, ‘it’s her fault’.  All because of this one thing I did that one time.

The only difference between me and you is that I did it first.

As long as you spend your time looking at what I did and judging it, you will be stuck and unable to heal the rifts in your relationships.

I want to tell you that I am so much more than that one incident. I am as multi-faceted as a diamond.

I am loved and I loved well.  I raised three beautiful boys.  They were my pride and joy.

Cain was strong and provided for us. I always felt safe from the dangers of the world when he was around.

He even had a strong sense of responsibility when he was little.  Taking my hand and leading the way.

His brother Abel had a strong connection with God.  I thought when we left the garden, we would never see God again.  Abel was forever pointing out where God is.  I never knew what he would say and I smile remembering the laughter he brought into our lives.

It was devastating when we learned of what Cain had done when he let his jealousy rage.

We lost two sons that day.

How could this of happened? What could we have done different? But the questions remained unanswered and the deed had been done.

It takes everything you have each time you have to start over. We lost everything when we left the garden, started anew. Then lost everything when Abel died and Cain ran from what he had done. Adam and I were faced with letting this destroy us or pick up the pieces and start anew again.

And through it all, God was there.  He did not keep Himself from us. He taught us that love covers even the choices that turn life upside down. We got up each day, did what needed to be done and sought ways to make life better.

We didn’t expect to have Seth.  What a surprise! And he was so very different from his brothers.  It amazes me that the boys were so very different and yet I loved each of them for who they were and are.

And all you want to do is point to that thing I did that changed everything and say it’s all my fault you are in this mess.  Won’t you please forgive me and get on with your life?

May God bless you and keep you,




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