Loving Everyone Update

Some people are easy to love.  They are open, happy, light up any room they enter.  Others not so much.  And it’s almost impossible to love fellow drivers in rush hour traffic.

I know, I’ve tried.

I am very hard on myself when I fail.  I find myself yelling or honking on my daily commute. Then I remember I’m supposed to be loving those around me.  So I yell a blessing in their direction.

Which doesn’t really help the unsettled feeling I’m left with.

And a few months ago, I discovered I have high blood pressure.  Factors are part heredity, part weight and part stress. So I’m doing the things that help bring it down.

Being hard on myself for the failure to love everyone has to go.

So I’ve started doing something that seems to help. When I hit the snooze button in the morning.  I lie awake (or asleep, for that happens as well) with the intention of loving everyone. For 10 minutes, I just think about the people I love and those I will interact with this day and love them.

Because I have decided that I can be successful in my goal if I don’t make it a 24/7 thing. I start my day full of love, which is nice.  I have a better experience through out the day. And I have noticed I don’t get as upset when in traffic.

I still have the bigger goal to love everyone all the time but this smaller 10 minute goal helps me have a win everyday.

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