I Can Empathize

I do not have to be like someone to experience what they do. I may not be exactly on the mark but I can get pretty close. And to those around me, I reach out in good times and in bad.  I have had good times and bad and that is how I can imagine how the other person is feeling.

I am not happily married and yet recently I was able to celebrate a friend’s 50th wedding anniversary.

I have not lost a child and yet I can cry with a family who has, give them lots of hugs, visit and share memories of this precious person they miss.

I can greet those around me pleasantly and wish them a great day, even if they drive by me recklessly on the highway on the way to work.  (I may have to calm down.  For we all want to get to work not just the one careening by. I am still working on my initial reaction.)

I can be horrified when any person interacts violently towards another person. I can celebrate when a person overcomes a hurdle or accomplishes a great feat.

And I’m sure you can as well.

To suggest otherwise is ludicrous. Empathy is part of what makes us human. For you today, I wish all the best and know that if you are currently going through a bad time, you are not alone, there is someone who cares.






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