Talking about Kim and Kanye and Taylor

Last night the conversation turned birthday plans to music to the latest scuttlebutt between Kanye and Taylor.  We didn’t stay long on the topic. Which is good.  I have other things to talk about than the PR generating antics of a couple of musicians.  He uses rough language and she’s been writing about other people for years. Got it.

What I’d rather spend my time discussing is:

The full moon!  Did you see it?  It followed me to work this morning.

Some of the sweet potato leaves are as big as my hand.  I think they might be good stuffed like a dolma.

When do you want to get together and see a movie?

I found a house 3 miles from work in my price range but it has an option on it. It’s a good thing it is empty.  I keep driving by it on the way to work to see how nice the short commute would be. Though the next door neighbor saw me this morning.  Oops.

You have a video on YouTube of your MFA final?  I have videos on YouTube as well!

Left over milanesa would be good in sushi.  Oh, that’s right, there’s never left over milanesa.

You have lived in Dallas for 10 years and don’t know about the Pocket Sandwich Theater?  And you like to go to the theater?!?!?!?  You have to look it up right now.

Oh and I was listening to a book on tape where Elizabeth Gilbert and a friend played a cd of moose calls while drunk in the woods one time and a bull moose showed up. Do you want to drunk dial a moose sometime?

Yep, not much time or energy for the K2T.

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