Labeling Food and Drugs

When I was in Junior High, I was invited to a friend’s mother’s group.  They had a guest speaker, a police officer come and talk about drugs. The main thing I came away from that evening is because the drugs are illegal, you don’t know what you are taking.

Many times the seller will take some of the stash for themselves and to make up the difference, cut in something else. That something else may or may not be good for you.  It could make you sick or even kill you.

So I don’t do illegal drugs.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was at a friend’s house when she received a call.  Another friend was at the hospital because her nephew had smoked marijuana that was laced with something and he was dying. So we went to pray.

Sometime around the same time, the government agreed and made food manufacturers label the food they sell.  I even went to information sessions to learn how to read the labels.

I work part time at a grocery store and sometimes because of allergies I get asked is that in the product. For example someone was allergic to marjoram. The label only said spices. Ummmm, OK, I guess due to proprietary reasons, the individual spices weren’t listed.  This customer couldn’t buy it without risking a reaction.Texas Wild Hunt County Tomato

Reactions to allergies vary. My mother would get migraine headaches that put her down for days. Another woman I know had to go to the hospital because her throat closed and she couldn’t breathe. Some allergies are so severe, the person has to carry an epi pen. And sometimes, that doesn’t help and the result is death.

It is important to know what you put into your body.  So I don’t understand that consumer’s are having to fight so hard to obtain the information they want to have put on the food they consume.


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