A Cougar Like Maude

haroldandmaudeaI don’t look like I’m 53.  I don’t believe people when they tell me I look 27.  But sometimes younger men will flirt with me.  That is complementary but that is as far as I’ll take it.

I don’t want to be a cougar.  My daughter says it sounds uncomplimentary because of the hard ‘g’ sound. To me it brings up images of a Sugar Momma exploiting the youth.  Also, I don’t have enough money to be one.

But I’ve been thinking instead of being a Norma Desmond using up those around her, (did the monkey try to leave?) I could be ok with being a Maude.

As I recall, Maude was on an adventure called life and allowed Harold for the ride. By being who she was, she empowered him to look at life different become someone.

In fact, I hope all my interactions with people empower them to become someone.


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