Tableau’s on the way to Work

The other day I drove the hour to work and some tableau’s that caught my eye, caused my curiosity to wonder about the story behind what I saw, except one.

First, I left the house early enough to drive by a house I am considering to put an offer on.  The offer is not because I want the house but because I care about the owner who is on hospice and I don’t want him to worry. There is an offer on the house so it may go through.  I hope so.

The neighborhood is crowded with cars parked on both sides of the street.  The street is so narrow only 1 car can pass through at a time.  What a traffic jam that must be when people go to and from work.  Also, most of the homes had chain link fences extending to the front yard.  Why?!? to keep people in or is it out?

My first curious thought, and is it worth exploring?

I can’t remember the second one, something to do with a man and a dog. but it must not have made me curious enough to remember.

Then I drove by a brown man dressed in white with an orange turban on his head. He faced away from me, looking across a green lot where a black cat romped. It looked like he had taken his cat out for a walk. I loved the colors and wondered the significance and if that truly was his cat.

the incident that cause me to retract was when I pulled up to a light. Beside me was a white pick up truck with a sticker in the back window.  The sticker read: “Come and Take It”

I assumed it referred to his weapon.  I recoiled from the insinuating anger. It oozed from the sticker.

I don’t care to know whether he has a weapon in his truck or not.  I don’t plan to wrestle it from him. I also do not want to know him at all now. He led with an aggressive foot.

Another, equally aggressive person may do just as the sign suggests and I’d prefer to be far away when/if it happens. but for now, I am beside this person and exposed to potential crossfire. Ugh. Not where I want to be.

So, I turned right before the light turned green rather than continue driving parallel to this stranger about whom I know only 1 thing.

I hope and pray all goes well for him in his life and that no one attempts to take on his dare.

As I got closer to work, passing through a nicer neighborhood, I spied a man in his backyard watering.  He had no fencing at all on his corner lot.  And the lawn was bright green and well-kept.

I was curious about the fact he had no fence. Most of his neighbors have 6 foot wooden privacy fences encapsulating their back yards.

I’ve been planning, dreaming, talking about moving closer to work.  Some days the drive is so frustrating but maybe I really do like the drive to work for it affords me so many sights and thoughts I would miss if I only had a 5-10 minute drive.

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