The Airbag in My Car

I don’t remember exactly when I got the first notice that my 2010 Honda Fit contains defective Takata airbag on the drivers side.  The passenger side has been disconnected.  I also don’t know when that took place.

I do know that I called earlier this year to find out when I could get the airbag replaced.  It should be August. In the meantime, Honda would be happy to provide me a rental car but I’ll have to park my car somewhere and not drive it more than 2 miles.  With no dealership closer to me than that, I decided I could wait until August and be very, very careful when driving.

Oh, and when I asked if we could just disconnect the airbag like the other one.  No, too complicated, blah blah blah.

Because you know that if the airbag does deploy regardless of the shrapnel danger, I will most likely be injured.  I’m 5’3″ and wear glasses.  I sit very close to the steering wheel so I can reach it.

I would be turning off the airbag or adjusting the pressure it deploys if I could.  But I can’t.

My plan has been to pay off the car in November and put the car payment towards my student loans as well as build up savings.  I really don’t want to take on new debt.

I like my car. I’m the second owner and both of us have taken good care of it.  It only has 78,xxx miles and don’t see why I couldn’t put another 300,000 or so on it before wanting to purchase another car.

I have been getting letters that different dealers have people wanting to buy 2010 Fits.  Really?!?! Who wants to buy a recall car? It wasn’t until one of them wanted to offer ‘up to’ $8,000, that I made a phone call.  Even if I got that much for the car, I’d be putting myself under about $10,000 worth of debt.

But I called a few dealerships last week about getting the replacement.  No, it won’t be until October now. What about if I trade in my car? Won’t the new owners have to deal with the recall?

No, the car would be fixed before leaving the dealership.

OK, now I am ready for a rental car.

One dealership routed me to a voice message that the person was out today and would call tomorrow.  Then it hung up before I could give my information.

The second dealership I called, the one I bought the car from just told me to show up to get a rental car.  After I got off the phone I knew that isn’t true.  I’ve rented a car before.  You don’t just show up. Even if you schedule a car, you may stand in line for a long time.

The third dealership acted like they were working with me.  Let me put you on hold and talk to my service manager.  Yes, we can do it but the rental car places are closed now, so it will have to be tomorrow.  I’ll call you after I talk to them.

Nope, it’s almost been a week and nothing.

Oh, I’m not done.  I’ll be calling and scheduling someone to drop me off and pick up a rental car.

In the mean time, I’ve been doing some research.  There are now 2015 cars on the recall.

Let me say that again.  THERE ARE NEW CARS ON THE RECALL LIST.

But they don’t have to be recalled until 2018.  More specifically they have to be recalled by 2018.

So if you buy a 2015 vehicle, you might be getting a letter in a couple of years telling you, your car has a dangerous defective part, that could kill you if you were in collision.

Why are new cars being rolled out in the first place when there are millions. And if this keeps up billions of cars on the road with life threatening parts in them.

No, I don’t want a new car, I want my car to be as good as car you would want your loved one to drive.

Has any of the 14 different car makers halted production of new cars until this is fixed?  I don’t think so. Otherwise, how are there 2015 cars now on the recall list?

Where is the integrity of any of the involved companies?


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