About Laura and George

Gpa and Laura     In 2007, my grandfather was diagnoses with age related dementia.  I am his power of attorney and sought to have his last years be the best they could.  He lived in Ft. Worth in a tiered community and until he started falling, I was fine with traveling from Dallas to see him.

I struggled to find good care for him that his annuity would be able to cover.  I moved to an apartment to be closer to him. However with his care costs and my living expenses going up, I decided to become his full time care giver.  In August 2011, I quit my job and we moved in together.

His favorite activity is to get in the car and drive.  I plan activities in and outside of the home to make these last days memorable.  In October, he’ll be 101 years old.

I am sad to report that Gpa died on Jan 15th.  He is missed by many.  I will continue to blog on my experience as I soldier on without him.  I am so glad you came by to check out the blog.

The week he died, I promised him I would continue to do the things I love, the juggling and the music.  I am still creating amazing sing-a-long events and teaching juggling.  I hope someday you can join me.


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