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Quick Recipes for Leftovers

Following  is a couple of things I’ve done with leftover sauteed greens.

1. buy puff pastry, cut into triangles, place a little bit of the greens and cheese of choice if you’d like seal and bake.  YUM

2. buy pie pastry. (yes I could have made it but I didn’t want to take the time. ) This time I cut into squares and stuffed so full I had to put another square on top to seal.  Bake. I told my daughter we were eating math as we I have cooked Pie Squared.

Both are good hot or cold.


On Writing a Cookbook

I’ve been checking out cookbooks from the library lately.  Ones that have recipes on cooking food you have grown or foraged or even bought local.  Seems like a lot of them are from the area in the north east.  Some of that stuff doesn’t grow in Texas.  Or I’m not interested in eating thistles and milkweed.

So as I garden and generally go about my day, I think about what my cookbook would have.

Um, 2 recipes.

1. eat as you pick.

2. saute what you pick with garlic and onions.

Two recipes do not a cookbook make.  And I’m not sure #1 counts as a recipe.   However, I have been very happy, with this repertoire.  My daughter even pointed to the skillet full of Amaranth and said, “I’m eating that!”


I’ll let you know if I come up with any other items for the cookbook.

Pasta and Peanut Sauce

A good thing about being single is getting to eat when and what you want.  And then you get caught up in what you are doing and all of a sudden are hungry and have to fix something.

When the kids were home, or when Gpa was here, I would watch the clock and cook so the food was ready when hunger set in.  I hate having to try to figure out what to make when I am hungry.

So the other night I fixed pasta.  At first I thought I’d put butter or cheese in it.  But then I saw the jar of peanut butter.  I’ve been using it to put Toby’s thyroid pill.

I put a glob of peanut butter in the pasta.  “Peanut Sauce!” I know it wasn’t really peanut sauce, but it was good enough and I was hungry.