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Stalker Ladybug or Is It?

I have noticed that I’ve been a little jumpy lately.  It started when I was in the garden. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that a bug had landed on me.

I reacted quickly and swatted it off.  As it fell, I saw it was a ladybug.  I felt bad.  If I had known it was a ladybug, I would have been careful about getting it off of me.

Then, when I got home after  the last day of juggling at Cedar Hill Library, I got out of my car and quickly swatted off a bug.

Yep, another ladybug.  This one was a big one! Again I was sorry how I reacted.

Watering the backyard the other day, it happened again.  But I wasn’t too worried, just curious on why the ladybugs would be so interested in me all of a sudden.

But last night.  What happened last night, has me pondering on there being a more sinister plot happening. I don’t want to alarm anyone especially since I like ladybugs so much.  That I have a yard that is bug friendly may be all it is.

However, as I was sitting down on the sofa waiting for my daughter to come watch TV, I felt something on my neck.  So I swatted it off. (nice to know I have quick reflexes) And a ladybug fell onto the sofa!!!!!!

A big one.

I grabbed the end of my chopstick and let the ladybug climb aboard. I took it out to the sunflowers.  As I walked I looked it in the eye(s) and talked to it about my not being an aphid. and for my being sorry for swatting at it.

I felt like I had had a close call with a vampire!

This morning, there was a ladybug on the kitchen floor.  A big one.  I’m beginning to think it’s the same ladybug.

Stalking me.


Same Plot, Different Landscape

I really resisted taking out the tomato plants.  Well, it was really the cages.  Only 1 tomato survived the early frosts and then summer heat.  The weeds got away from me and the grass growing in my plot was almost as tall as the tomato cages.

So I’m not sure why I resisted pulling this all out and putting in the fall crop.  But over the Labor Day weekend, That’s what I did.

I had a list of things that would be good to grow in the fall and also had some sweet potato tops that had rooted.

I don’t recognize my plot!  Where I had a 10×20 area that was 3 feet tall, I have an area where I have teeny-tiny seedlings.

Everyday before work, I stop and water.  The beans are taller than the little lettuces but I still have to bend over to tell them hello!

A Pavilion of Possibilities

I am reading the book –  Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Rosamond Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.

I listened to Benjamin’s Ted talk and wanted to know more.

I like that it is an easy read but it goes deep.  Each chapter gives a different way of looking at things, at life.

It made me think of the Pavilion at the garden.  At first glance it may not look like much.  But you may be seeing it on a day when no one is around.  Like in the picture.

But I have done the following at the pavilion:

  • sorted vegetables for the food pantry
  • harvested seed from the garden
  • eaten grilled hot dogs and freshly made ice cream
  • watched kids hit a pinata
  • performed camp songs for refugees
  • hung out with my Gpa
  • drank lemonade at 10 p.m. with fellow gardeners
  • juggled and showed others how
  • Played the violin and attracted a Mockingbird.  (I told it not to learn the song I was playing because I was still a bit off)
  • watched a hummingbird visit the Turk’s Cap
  • bought spring transplants
  • participated in a blessing of the garden service
  • got to know some great people better

I’m looking forward to what else I’ll be doing at the pavilion.

Community Garden Pavilion

Community Garden Pavilion



Flower Update

Remember the post with the pic of a stick with a couple of leaves?

This weekend I saw a bud on that plant.  The one I got when I worked the election.  And yesterday it bloomed!

What a great way to start the week.

I hope your week has started out just as well.

Oh, and I talked to my grandson yesterday.  He thanked me for the birthday gift.  I asked him to ask his mom what she wants as her birthday is next.

He started to ask then whispered to me.  “I don’t have to ask.  I can read Mom’s mind.  She wants an ice cream machine.  That way when we don’t have any ice cream she can make some.”

I agreed with him that was a great plan.  If she doesn’t tell me an alternative, an ice cream machine it will be!




Another Type of Crabapple

On Sunday I learned there is more than 1 kind of crabapple.  There is an ‘eat off the tree’ variety.  It’s a bit bigger than the kind we had growing up.

Those were good for neighborhood kid wars and having Gma make jelly.  Oh, those were the days.

I ate one on Sunday and had the good fortune to take a bunch home.  I thought fondly of the jelly my Gma made but I really don’t have the equipment to do that properly.

So I pulled out my cookbook and made a crisp.

I didn’t have enough brown sugar.  Forgot to put it on the list this week.  But I did have a jar of molasses in the back of the fridge.

I mixed the topping and covered the apples.  I had quartered them and saved the seeds.

I had a hard time waiting for it to cool and then wished I had vanilla ice cream to go with it!




A Benefit of Community Gardening

Even though this is my third year at the community garden,  I still consider myself a beginner.   I still think I’m not up to the task of tending a 10×20 plot and the amount of grass that is growing in it points to the correctness of my thinking.

However, I am learning by leaps and bounds.  Not only am I gaining a great deal of hands on experience, I am also learning from what the other gardeners are doing.   I found out that a couple of people planted artichokes this year.


I love artichokes!  My kids love artichokes. Though I only buy them when they are in season.    And the season doesn’t last long enough to get our fill.

I would have never guessed that they could be grown locally.  Maybe there will be one or two growing in my plot next year.

Well just like anything else, you have to tend to it.  If you don’t harvest, the plant will flower / go to seed.

And I would have to say that the artichoke flower is a very nice addition to the garden indeed.

Do you have a favorite vegetable flower?

Artichoke flower

Artichoke flower



Blooming Sweet Potato

A favorite thing I’ve learned at the garden is to eat sweet potato tops.  I love to have them in my stir-fry.  I’ve also learned that they root quickly if put into water.  Becky gave me some a little over a week ago.  I took them to work and put them in a vase.  They were a lovely decoration and did root quickly!

So about a day after Becky put hers into the ground, I planted mine.  She had to go out of town this weekend, she asked me to keep an eye on her plants and water them if they got droopy.  They did and I did.  And I found that one had a bloom on it!  I’ve never seen a sweet potato flower.


blooming sweet potato

blooming sweet potato

Benefits of Weeding

The rain has caused the plants to grow!  All the plants.  The  grass is taking over my garden, so while the ground is still wet and I have a couple of extra days, I weeded.

And as I got the peppers and eggplant and peppers, I was delighted to discover, I had some!

And they were tasty too!.


Eggplant and peppers

Eggplant and peppers

Progress on the Stick

OK, I have to admit.  I think I cut the plant tooo far back.  I left no green on it at all.  Most of the plants died.  But one of them has soldiered on and has put forth some leaves.  I am so excited!

As it grows, I’ll look up what the name of the plant is.  I can’t remember what they told me.  I can’t wait!



Patience for Plums

Patience is important in gardening.  Esp if you want best results.

The nice thing about this season is the anticipation of how the fruits and vegetables taste as they grow and ripen.

I spent some time after church yesterday in my plot.  Finally got the tomato cages up.  Weeded, and watered.  Whew, a busy but good day.  When I walked by the plum plants, I was surprised the fruit was as farther along as it is.

Buuut, if I pick it now, it won’t taste very good.  I wanna wait until they are so juic

early plum

early plum

y, liquid drips off my elbows

I’d say that is well worth the wait.