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We are Lela and Sandra

Waking with good guess

and those were happier days,

Mother and Daughter

Can I Find Time?

Can I find the time?

My loved one has dementia,

there is only, now.

Sift Through the Ashes

Sift through the ashes

red hot diamonds in my hand

what you left behind

Standing by your Grave

Standing by your grave

trying to etell you goodbye

wonder why you left

Every Day You Leave

Every day you leave

a little bit at a time

your blue eyes faded

You are in a Box

You are in a box

stored high in your son’s closet

can’t hurt anyone

Pizza Hot and Stringy

Pizza hot and stringy

toppings slip to plate

revealing pizza guts


Lazy days so long

made just for boy and his dog

in solitude play


Flower uncurling

ever reaching to the sky

to kiss golden sun


Labor day school starts

anticipation and fear

meet new friends and old