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Open Letter to Legislators

First of all can you please leave your political rhetoric at home when addressing the tragedy of mass shootings? Empathize just a bit with your constituents that have lost loved ones and / or are recovering from being hit themselves.

NOBODY wants to take the weapons you own away.  Unless, of course you are prone to domestic violence and have a history of mental illness.

So what I want to do now is change the slant of this topic.  Instead of looking at the symptom let’s look at the cause.

This most recent incident shows a man who was able to cross state lines and not be held accountable for his sex assault offense, he was able to cross state lines after he escaped a mental institution. Um, why did authorities stop looking for him?

Let’s understand that people who are cruel to animals and other people will continue to escalate that behavior if left unchecked.  ESPECIALLY if they own the animal and know the people they are harming.

Hello, there were articles written in the 1980’s about domestic violence.  And there’s lots of information if you Google it.

So let’s look at that problem. Let’s stop the abuse the FIRST time it is reported.  Let’s not depend on the domestic partner to file charges. Even if they do file charges, their partner will pressure them to drop them. Domestic abusers are a menace not only to their families but to society at large. They must be held accountable for their behavior at home so that it doesn’t spill out into where we go for entertainment, work and worship.

Violence against women, children and animals must be addressed and stopped.

Legislatures, can you do something about that?


Thoughts on DACA to the Recipients

The rules have changed.  DACA being controversial, there was a possibility that repeal would happen. I know right now is hard for you, and I’m sorry.

However, rules about a lot of things change. Most people don’t use a typewriter any longer, the steel industry isn’t as profitable and we are mostly digital rather than analog. To name a few.

Change happens, you can resist and struggle or you can face what is coming and plan what you are going to do about it.  You are not helpless.  There are choices you can make that ease the pain of this change.

You can brainstorm.  Here are some things I came up with as I thought about what I would do if I were in your position:

  1. What are the steps to become a legal immigrant? Are these steps available to me?
  2. If I must leave, where do I want to go? I have vacationed in Paris and London and liked them both.  Are there opportunities for me there? Also, there are countries that are looking for ESL teachers, what kind of adventure could I have if I looked into these programs? I believe Europe and Asia have programs.  What would it be like to spend time in those countries?
  3. If I do I have to go to where I came, can I start making that place safer now? What kind of status will I have? Can I do better than just being dropped off at a bus stop? Are there jobs or can I create a business and meet needs that are not being filled now?
  4. Can I create a peaceful DACA gang with other DACA recipients that will disrupt the violence in my country of origin? I don’t have to face this alone.  Surely there are others in the 800,000 number that come from the same place as I do.

There are many changes that a person faces as they live their lives. Many celebrated the first day of school recently. There’s also first day of job and last day of job. Maybe even marriage, children, illness, etc.  My grandmother said that throughout her marriage, retirement was the biggest adjustment they had to make.

So even though it may feel like the end of the world.  It isn’t it’s the beginning of something different.  You do have choices on what that difference will be.  Maybe even better than the plans you had. I wish you all the best.

Gun Safety for Kids

Late last week a news article was on my FaceBook feed.  I can’t find it now or I’d post it here.  It talked about and showed clips of a place that is teaching kids gun safety.  The location looked a lot like an indoor gun range with classrooms.

My dad had guns and would go hunting.  He taught us gun safety at home. First rule is always assume the weapon is loaded and Never point it at another person.

Something in the video bothered me.  It took me til today to figure out the problem.

In the video, the target the kids are shooting at is a human silhouette, not concentric circles.

This class is not teaching gun safety, it’s teaching children to point guns at people and pull the trigger. The very opposite of the first rule I was taught.

Of course more people will be shot and killed, children are learning to shoot and kill people in gun safety class. And that saddens me.


The Hope of a Baby and a Bud

If I am not careful, my thoughts will turn to all the ways the world will end, zombies, aliens, terrorists, elections and epidemics both health and monetary vie for the top spot.  It is a bad day when they all happen simultaneously. I think why even try? What’s the point?

And then, I will get distracted by a video interview of the mother who just had a baby at the Dakota pipeline protest encampment.  Baby girl slept peacefully throughout the interview.

Or, I will check on my plants and see that the stick of hydrangea I have on my kitchen counter has sprouted leaf buds.

Babies and plants are not too worried about all the disaster I play in out in my head.  They are doing what they do best. And that they are, gives me hope.

They are the reason to try.  They are the point. I won’t just hold on to the hope, I’ll pass it around. Won’t you do likewise?

Talking about Kim and Kanye and Taylor

Last night the conversation turned birthday plans to music to the latest scuttlebutt between Kanye and Taylor.  We didn’t stay long on the topic. Which is good.  I have other things to talk about than the PR generating antics of a couple of musicians.  He uses rough language and she’s been writing about other people for years. Got it.

What I’d rather spend my time discussing is:

The full moon!  Did you see it?  It followed me to work this morning.

Some of the sweet potato leaves are as big as my hand.  I think they might be good stuffed like a dolma.

When do you want to get together and see a movie?

I found a house 3 miles from work in my price range but it has an option on it. It’s a good thing it is empty.  I keep driving by it on the way to work to see how nice the short commute would be. Though the next door neighbor saw me this morning.  Oops.

You have a video on YouTube of your MFA final?  I have videos on YouTube as well!

Left over milanesa would be good in sushi.  Oh, that’s right, there’s never left over milanesa.

You have lived in Dallas for 10 years and don’t know about the Pocket Sandwich Theater?  And you like to go to the theater?!?!?!?  You have to look it up right now.

Oh and I was listening to a book on tape where Elizabeth Gilbert and a friend played a cd of moose calls while drunk in the woods one time and a bull moose showed up. Do you want to drunk dial a moose sometime?

Yep, not much time or energy for the K2T.

Is Ashley Madison Hack an Answer to Prayer?

A number of years ago I read an article in the college newspaper about sex trafficking.  In the article, an 8 year old girl earns her captor over $40,000 a year and lives in a dog crate.

No one should have to live like this.  So I started praying for anyone and everyone who needed help. I pray for areas of injustice to be reveled and resolved.

Then things started happening in the news.  A woman in Germany who had been missing since she was 16 was found living in a bunker her father had built.  He had kept her captive all those years and even had grandchildren by his daughter.  The grandchildren also lived in the bunker.

They don’t now.

In another instance two young women who had been missing for years were found in an abandoned house, middle aged men had stolen them. And used them.

These women were returned to their families.

I was horrified that people have had to live in these conditions. Against their will. Then I remembered my prayer. Oh.

I continue to be mindful and keep this prayer high on my list.

I recently started praying for our leaders. Some it seems are not leaders but self-serving people who grab all they can get for themselves. They have set a different standard for their behavior.

We are all paying the price for this disparity.

Same prayer for justice, different focus. And interesting results.  Ashley Madison hacked, names reveled.

Is there something you can do? Why don’t you join me and also pray for justice and our leaders?


When Taking Your Right isn’t Right

Yesterday a co-worker approached me in the break room about a news story that was on the TV. He wanted my opinion.  I told him he didn’t really want it.

I knew he didn’t want it because I wasn’t going to say what he wanted to hear.  I also was reluctant to express it because I don’t follow the news and I don’t know all the arguments for or against.  This time the issue was over flying a flag.  My opinion holds for other issues as well.

I started  with, ‘I think we should be sensitive to when anyone expresses they are threatened by something.’

And then I got to hear all of his arguments for his side of the issue.

So my side of the rest of the conversation was pretty lame.  Statements like ‘yes, history is important’, etc.

And then he left the break room.

And to the room I said, ‘I told you, you didn’t want to hear my opinion.’

I didn’t get the chance to expand on my thoughts which are:

I don’t know why we want to hold on to our right to do something if it is causing another person or group of people distress.

What if the table was turned and we were the ones that were in distress by something another person had the right to do? And they insisted on doing it? Wouldn’t we want them to be sensitive to us?

Maybe my co-worker hasn’t ever been afraid.


Where Are You Mr. President?

In the light of recent events in Ferguson, MO, I am wondering why the president is not going himself to see the state of affairs.

The biggest problem I see in what has happened is that police officers in many parts of the country have gone from being enforcers of the peace to judge, jury and executioner all during one event.

And at the same time, civilians think they have rights.  They haven’t been made aware that  a shift has happened.  They have been found guilty and dangerous.  Any non-compliance with an officer of the law, could result in swift and permanent results including death.

Of course there will be a clash.  You can’t have one group of people thinking another group of people have no rights and those people think they have certain unalienable rights.

Mr. President, your silence is sending a message loud and clear that American citizens do not have the rights they thought they have.  And if that is not the message you want to send, then let us know.

You are our leader.  Why aren’t you leading? I’m not talking about more military action.  I’m talking about hearing the pain, fear and frustration on both sides and figuring out a way to dismantle the powder keg in a way that heals, brings peace and understanding.

Many of us civilians would love to live in a country where the citizens can live peacefully in the melting pot that made this country great. But we aren’t.

What are your goals for America?

It Doesn’t Change Anything

Donald Sterling has been fined and banned for comments that have been released.  It is reported he has replied, “I wish I had just paid her off.”

If he said this, he hasn’t learned anything.  Times have changed and if ever his behavior was acceptable, it isn’t now.

It could be that the consequences is to appease people and had no intend of trying to bring a change in this individual.  That’s too bad.  When my kids were younger, I looked for consequences that matched the issue and would encourage the behavior I wanted them to exhibit.

Sure the kids had loss of monetary gain and time-outs, but there were also volunteer work and extra chores.  And by being selective in the correction, the kids learned better behavior.

It is unfortunate that the correction for Donald doesn’t serve to help him grow as a person.  Even 80 year old’s can learn from their mistakes.  Maybe if he were to perform community service where he interacted with people who are different instead of isolating him and docking his net worth.

But then again, it may be we don’t care so much about who Donald is as a person, just what he says and does.

Choice Debate with Kevin O’Leary and Rachel Parent

On the surface the debate is about GMO labeling, or is it scientific testing?

It is really about peoples right to choose.

Ms. Parent is asking that food that is GMO be labeled.  Why is this a hard concept?  We have ingredients on our food.  Though for some reason some food manufacturers don’t want us to know that MSG is in the food.

I have watched my sister determine MSG as one of the sources of her migraine headaches.  These migraine headaches keep her from work and will effect her for many days.  Some food won’t list MSG out right, the label will be more obscure, even splitting the ingredients into the parts that make the MSG.

I wonder if they’d be allowed to hide when peanuts are in food.  Oh wait, this would kill people, better not do that.

Co-host Lang pointed out that if she chose to not eat GMO food, she would have to cut most corn and corn products out of her diet. Yes, and vegetarians don’t eat meat.  Alcoholics abstain from beer, liquor and wine.

Why is the thought of not eating corn so bad?  We don’t sensor others for their food choices.

Mr. O’Leary never acknowledged the right for people to know what they are consuming.  Stating that if we choose not to eat GMO foods, it would make poor Asian children go blind and die.


Yet, I am encouraged to look for the ‘Made in America’ label on my clothes.

Maybe it is Mr. O’Leary that has a vested interest in the rest of us to fill out pantries with this type of food.