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Coulda Been a Community Event

This week is bulky trash pick up.  Lots of interesting things get put out.  Some worthy of picking up and taking home, or selling for scrap.

Great time to clean out old junk and the it out of the garage or home.

A few doors down and across the street, someone added an upright piano to their pile.  Oh it breaks my heart when I see such things put out. I began to notice different people would stop and hit a few notes.  First a couple of neighbor boys.  The notes they hit sounded in tune.

The next day, regular and recycle pick up day, the guy who goes through and gets the cans and bottles, stopped and hit a few keys.  I couldn’t resist and later that afternoon, I started Fur Elise.

Oops, I hit a few notes that the keys needed to be tuned.

Wouldn’t it have been fun if we could have had a block party with a pot luck and sing along?

outdoor piano

outdoor piano

It’s Not a Burden

Our organist is ill.  So ill she is in the hospital.  Then she’ll be in rehab for three weeks.  Ouch.  Many prayers please.

It is a good thing I have been practicing daily. I was able to play the violin for church a couple of weeks ago.  This past Sunday, a member who plays the guitar did so.  The leaders don’t want to wear us out.

That’s funny.  I get great joy playing, it doesn’t wear me out.   I’m not sure if I expressed this in a way to over come their thoughts of how hard it must be.  It isn’t hard, it’s just I don’t play by ear and I only know the one key.  So I am limited on what I can play.  Doesn’t mean I  don’t want to.

Good thing I get to bring my violin to Tuesday morning harvest.  I play what ever I want and take requests if they are in my repertoire.


Just Like Gpa

But he isn’t.  Lillie asked if he had been influenced by Gpa or were the mannerisms, old man.

I think it is old man.  Though it was totally delightful spending the evening with him.

The band celebrated their first year anniversary with a sing a long and pot luck.  It was a very small group and that made it like a family reunion.

The singing made it special as I love music and who’d of thought when my first grade music teacher told my mom I’m tone deaf, that I’d be lead singer??!?!?!

He tried to give me his dessert.  It was a carmel candy log.  I knew he didn’t know what it was so I asked him.  I thought maybe he thought it was a cigar.  No, it was a hot dog.

I gave it to his daughter and she cut it up and passed it around so we could all enjoy it.

When he was given the sing a long sheet. He told me he thought I had written it about him and we’d still be friends after it was all over.

Then he said that all of our names were written down.  Oh, my. To me it’s another confirmation that this isn’t our home and we’ll be reunited one day.

A Couple of Birds

Yesterday was windy at the garden.  There were many harvesters for the amount of food we had to gather.  So I was asked to play.  My favorite part of playing the violin is when I am playing from memory.  I have 5-6 songs in my repertoire.

My sister reminded me that Twinkle, Little Star is also the Alphabet Song and Baa, Baa Black Sheep.  So after I played it once.  I told the ladies that it was Twinkle, Little Star and now I’m going to play Baa, Baa Black Sheep.  That got a laugh.

While I was playing Come Thou Fount, I noticed a Mockingbird came and sat on a post and listened.  I stopped and asked it if it was going to learn the piece as well.  I kinda felt like Katniss in Hunger Games when the Mockingjay learned her tune.  When I stopped playing, it became disinterested and flew off.

One of the gardeners gave me a couple Jewel of Opar plants to take home.  I decided to plant them in the front.  While I was busy, I kept hearing a baby bird cheeping.  I thought maybe I had a nest in the eaves.  So I maneuvered a patio chair and prepare to stand on it.

Then I saw the bird on one of my pots.  The momma bird, a Cardinal flew up and watched me closely.  The baby then flew to the wall.  The picture is below.  Then it flew into the tree.

The momma and the poppa kept a Mockingbird away.  I watched for a while, but I had work to do so I went back into the house.

The nest is in the creepy neighbor’s rose bush.  I think the baby made it back to the bush for when I left to juggle, creepy neighbor and his kid were peering into the rose bush.

I hope they leave the birds alone.  These are the first Cardinals I’ve seen in the neighborhood since I moved here.

Baby Cardinal

Baby Cardinal




The Guitar, the Violin, or the Ukulele

I committed to playing music at the plant sale this past Saturday.  I’ve been practicing the violin, neglecting the uke and the guitar.  So when I went to load up the car, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take.  Mark said he’d come play his accordion at lunch.  So that meant taking the uke or guitar.  I wanted to take the violin but I’ve been having trouble tuning the E string.  I can’t turn the knob.

As I stood there, I thought, if I don’t make a decision, I’ll be here all day. Load up all of them and decide there.  I am so glad I did.  I ended up playing all three instruments.  A fellow gardener brought his grandchildren,  5 and 7, and I let them try the uke and violin.  The guitar had not made it out of the car yet.

It was fun watching them be so serious as they explored making sounds with the instruments.

I got the guitar out when Mark showed up. Even though we hadn’t played the camp songs in a long while, our rusty fingers soon found the notes right enough for all to have a good time.

Sometimes the choice is all of the above!

Violin, Piano and Guitar

I’ve been playing the violin 1-2 times a day.  Last week, I took it to the garden and practiced while the ladies were making breakfast.

I figured I was about fit for human consumption.  One lady even sang a long!  What a great feeling.

In one way it’s been a hard instrument to learn.  There are no frets, I have to figure out where to put my fingers each time.  Have to hold the bow just right and if I don’t pay attention, the bow will slide to a part of the instrument that causes squeaking!

This has been like learning to ride a bike.  Awkward at first but if you keep at it, it will be like flying!

Another way, it is easier to play.  Right now I’m using one left hand finger at a time.   A piano would have you use 1-6 or more at a time.  That takes coordination!  Guitar chords can have your fingers in knots.

The sounds that have been coming from the violin have given me a great deal of comfort.  I am so glad I bought it instead of the deep freezer.