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Thoughts on DACA to the Recipients

The rules have changed.  DACA being controversial, there was a possibility that repeal would happen. I know right now is hard for you, and I’m sorry.

However, rules about a lot of things change. Most people don’t use a typewriter any longer, the steel industry isn’t as profitable and we are mostly digital rather than analog. To name a few.

Change happens, you can resist and struggle or you can face what is coming and plan what you are going to do about it.  You are not helpless.  There are choices you can make that ease the pain of this change.

You can brainstorm.  Here are some things I came up with as I thought about what I would do if I were in your position:

  1. What are the steps to become a legal immigrant? Are these steps available to me?
  2. If I must leave, where do I want to go? I have vacationed in Paris and London and liked them both.  Are there opportunities for me there? Also, there are countries that are looking for ESL teachers, what kind of adventure could I have if I looked into these programs? I believe Europe and Asia have programs.  What would it be like to spend time in those countries?
  3. If I do I have to go to where I came, can I start making that place safer now? What kind of status will I have? Can I do better than just being dropped off at a bus stop? Are there jobs or can I create a business and meet needs that are not being filled now?
  4. Can I create a peaceful DACA gang with other DACA recipients that will disrupt the violence in my country of origin? I don’t have to face this alone.  Surely there are others in the 800,000 number that come from the same place as I do.

There are many changes that a person faces as they live their lives. Many celebrated the first day of school recently. There’s also first day of job and last day of job. Maybe even marriage, children, illness, etc.  My grandmother said that throughout her marriage, retirement was the biggest adjustment they had to make.

So even though it may feel like the end of the world.  It isn’t it’s the beginning of something different.  You do have choices on what that difference will be.  Maybe even better than the plans you had. I wish you all the best.

God Bless Us Everyone!

When I was a child, my mother received a Christmas card that had Tiny Tim and his father on it.  The words read, “God Bless Us Everyone!”

I thought it meant Tiny Tim wanted everyone to bless him and his family.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  I also wasn’t sure how that was a Christmas sentiment.

I also didn’t know the Christmas Carol story.

I still haven’t read the story but I’ve seen many versions on TV and on stage.

As an adult, I think Tiny Tim is asking God to bless all of us.  It is his prayer that makes it possible for Scrooge to have a conversion experience.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Scrooge’s Nephew and wife also prayed in some form as well.

Christmas is a good time of year to open our hearts and pray for everyone.  However, we shouldn’t limit ourselves, we can pray for everyone at all times.

For Tiny Tim’s prayer came back to him.  The blessing in Scrooge reaching out to others caused him to do what was needed for Tim’s health to improve.

A positive spin on the ‘what goes around, comes around’

And so with Tiny Tim, I raise my cup, toast the season and affirm, “God Bless Us, Everyone!”


A Moment with a Robin

Earlier this year, I noticed a pair of dove nesting in my front tree.  It was nice to know that life was going on even as I felt stalled by transition and loss.

Then I noticed a Robin, late in the season.  Was something wrong with it?  Why was it still here?  Maybe the rains and temperature have kept it from migrating.

Or maybe I’ve just never paid attention after seeing the first Robin of Spring.  Wouldn’t that be funny?  I see the first Robin of Spring, mark it off my list and don’t see anymore until the next Spring.

So the other day after I got home from work, I went into the back yard to putter. Just to check on things really.  The robin flew to the fence and began to sing to me. I stopped my puttering and watched him a bit.

And I wished I understood him better.

Was he calling to his lady? Was he trying to tell me something? Did he consider me at all? I don’t know, I went back into the house.

Creativity Process

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out a solution to a project.  Like the carpet replacement project took 2 years to determine to paint the concrete underneath, I have a Santa shirt that needed something.

I wanted the top Santa to be juggling.  At first I thought to embroider the props. But I didn’t want to do needle work on the shirt.  I don’t think the fabric is thick enough to hold up well to that type of treatment.

So the shirt hung in my closet.  I decided that this year, I was going to finish this project. This weekend I thought I’d go through my button collection and use buttons as props.

THEN I got a great idea, I think the idea came from watching Polar Express.

I have little jingle bells!  I put little jingle bells on the shirt where juggling props would go.

I think that is the best.  What do you think?

juggling santa shirt

Juggling santa shirt

Sandwich Generation

One of my new co-workers said she is of the sandwich generation.

I am a member of the sandwich generation.  This is where a person takes care of the generation before them and after them. It is usual that a person take care of the new generation.  And in some cultures, it is usual to take care of the older generation.  The new thing is the definition.

I can say I am member of the sandwich generation.  Or can I?

Those older than myself, in my direct line are all gone.

Not here.  My duties as a care giver are complete.

My children are in their 20’s.  My duties here as a care giver are also complete.

What does that make me?  An open faced sandwich?

No, wait, that still has a slice of bread.






Life as a Scavenger Hunt

Had a violin lesson yesterday.  My teacher is fourteen.  You should see how excited she gets at my progress.  And she always sends me home with something to practice.

The Suzuki method introduces children to music at a very early age.  Our class was introduced to orchestra in the 5th grade.

I didn’t start playing the violin until December of last year.

It’s like we all got a scavenger hunt list.  Each one is to go down their list and see, do or be what is on it.  Feels like I got a different list than everyone else.

I mean really, how many other 50 year old’s are learning to play an instrument from a 14 year old?  Would love to meet you and compare notes.  Maybe even get together and jam.

And until then, I’ll be working on the next thing on the list.



Not Working Doesn’t Mean Not Doing Anything

I have been updating my resume and writing cover letters.  Not sure exactly where to put the last year and a half.  On the resume, or just in the cover letter? My resume has education (put the SMU MBA on top) next is skill sets and then a list of the jobs with dates.

I had a friend give her boss my resume and they asked her for my job experience.  It’s on there, not in the traditional order, but the list is there.  If they can’t find it, maybe other’s can’t either.


I did get a bite from SMU and have filled out pre-interview questions.  Have to wait til next week to see if they are interested.

I’ve also gone to a Career Connections meeting and learned about the work to be had in the cloud.  Looked around at and plan to check out  My goal is to sign up or what ever you do and try it out.

Here are somethings I’ve done that I’m pondering where to put in my communication with potential employers, or their computer programs that weed resumes out.

Created this blog, began a juggling class, joined a community garden tended my plot and harvested weekly for the food pantry, started a monthly crime watch meeting, formed a band that has performed 9 times and a gig in June, spent time painting with watercolors, purchased a violin and am learning to play.

And here I was thinking I’ve been lazy, hanging out, playing spider solitaire.  Well, I’ve played a lot of it just don’t think it should be on the list. But looks like it’s not the only thing I’ve been doing.

Oldest Juggler

Gpa comes to juggling class with me.  Most times, he watches, or naps.

Sometimes he’ll interact with the kids.  I consider him my oldest student.

Today, even though we had 9 on the list, they came and went. There was a 15 minute slot in the middle where it was just Gpa and me.

So I had him pass a bean bag with me.

He did very well.  He has a good throw. I toss it in his lap, so I have a bigger target than he does.

I don’t think we ever played catch when I was a kid.  He loved to far away until I was ten.

And then it was a weekly trip to the mall with Mom and Gma and my sister.

Which was OK with me.

And so was today.

Juggling Class Fun

Gpa goes to juggling class with me because I call it a ride.  Then we stay for class.  The library is only 5 miles from the house so there are days he looks at me as if to say.  “That was a short ride.”

Usually he’ll spend his time looking out the window or trying to leave.  Every once in a while, when I am waiting for students, I’ll toss him a bean bag.

The best is when the kids interact with him.

Last night a student didn’t want to do what we were doing.   He wanted to go straight for the rings, but I wanted to wait until the half way mark.  Then I got the idea to have him toss a bean bag to Gpa.  Which they had fun doing.  Then another boy asked if he could toss a scarf to Gpa.  Um scarves are hard to toss, but I said he could try.

They all, including Gpa laughed when the scarf landed on his head.

I am so glad I am able to bring Gpa to class with me.  This type of interaction can’t be planned, it’s just part of going with the flow and enjoying the moment.

Which is the thing I have to keep relearning, even before Gpa got dementia.

This moment is the only one we have.  What are we doing with it?

Great Day at Day Care

Gpa has been worried about me leaving him places so I wasn’t sure how today would go.  However, I’ve been able to keep him happy when I leave him at day care with the promise of coffee on the way.

I got so much done but then thought.  OH NO!  I could have had a nap and a bath instead.  Oh well.  maybe next time.

When I picked him up, he was looking for his room.  He didn’t want to go home with me.  He thought he was home and was looking for his room.  I let him make another lap and talked to the activity director.  Today Gpa played Bingo, Candyland and then lined up and counted Checkers.  Sounds like a great day to me.

On his way around again, the activity director and I were able to divert his path to go to the car.   He was so worried about not remembering how he got their.  I kept repeating that we drove.  Didn’t help.

So when we got home, I wrote the posted note.  It worked great and he read it several times while I fixed dinner.  I am so glad he can read my writing.

I was able to get him to go with me to the community garden after dinner and finish what I was doing on the left hand path.  I now only have the front path to sift, paper/cardboard and wood chip.  I’ll be ready for the plant sale on Sat!!  The garden is looking great and I feel like I’m now on or a bit ahead of schedule.

He got tired of waiting for me and wanted to get in the car.  I didn’t want him in the car yet and wouldn’t unlock it.  He made a lap around the car and then sat by the passenger door.  When I took the last load of wood chips to the path, I encouraged him to come with me and he just waved me off disgustedly.

But oh was he so happy when I finally did unlock the door!  He’s asleep in his bed now and I got a great hot shower.  I would have to bet that he’ll sleep through the night tonight.  And if he doesn’t I will!