Celebrating 100 days to 100 years

Some schools celebrate 100 days of kindergarten.  This is a great time and the kids have all sorts of projects to help them learn about 100.  Sometimes they draw pictures of what they think they will look like when they are 100.

Here are links to some more things schools across the country do:

Gpa and I would love to help celebrate by coming to talk about what happens in 100 years. We can also talk about what kindergarden was like for Gpa 100 years ago.

Some things that are younger than Gpa:

1927 – Television – He loved watching the news and comedy shows

1928 – penicillin – Oops, he’s allergic to it.

1972 – Pong video game – He didn’t play any video games until Atari Donkey Kong.  Oh, and this December he played Angry Birds.  (we were on an airplane.)


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