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They Said the Titanic was Unsinkable, and the Pipeline Unbreakable

The company building the Dakota Access PipeLine(DAPL) has repetitively made assurances that there will be no spill from their efforts.  They dismiss the protesters concerns and have called for local and federal law enforcement in assistance to remove the obstruction to their plans to move forward no matter what.

However, in 1988 near Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania Ashland spill occurred, in 2010 BP spilled oil in the Gulf Coast, in 2013 there were spills in Arkansas(Mayflower) and in a field near Bismark North Dakota. This oil spill in the land covered the equivalent of 7 football fields.

In October of this year, 2016, spills occurred in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

And still this company stands with the comments that their pipeline won’t spill.  If that is true, wouldn’t it behoove them to sell their special pipes to these other oil companies that do no seem able to keep oil from contaminating the land and waterways of America?

Is the Federal government tracking the viability of these areas that have been compromised?  How is the water for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia since the spill in 1988?  These are the states that reports show were impacted by the spill.

How is the water in the Gulf? When was the last time the water and wildlife tested?

Today, I am calling my Federal representatives both in Congress and Senate to ask HR5979 at their local office. This is the Energy and Water Research integration Act.  The one created in 2007 HR5189 requires a plan.  I’m going to ask where to get a copy.

Find out who your representatives are http://whoismyrepresentative.com.

I’m also going to contact EPA Donna Downing at 202-566-2428 and Army Corps of Engineers Stacey Jensen at 202-761-5856 both are listed in the EPA waters of the US Rule documentation.  I will update this page if these contacts have changed.

Instead of repeating that their pipeline won’t break which is unrealistic bearing that other pipelines have failed, offer a plan for containment and clean up would be more reassuring as well as more believable.

Happy Birthday to you! Gpa is 100 years old.

Gpa which I say now stands for Greatest Person of All time, is 100 years old now!

The Sunday school we had attended while living on the north side of town came to celebrate. Only four were able to come but a fun time was had by all.

One friend has a handicap and found out last minute that she was going to have to ride the shuttle. She showed up early, which was fine, but I’m not sure why she didn’t tell me when she knew. I was in the back yard doing yard work and it wasn’t until I went to the front to cut the grass, that I found her on the porch thinking she was having to wake me up!

We did have a nice visit and I enjoyed getting to know her better. When the rest of the people showed up, they got into costumes and danced the can-can!

It was funny to watch Gpa try to figure out what was going on.

Later in the afternoon, my son and his family called to tell Gpa happy birthday.

The girls and some friends met us at a cafeteria. One has a 5 month old baby. She is a doll and doesn’t mind that Gpa pokes her. One of the guys tickled her tummy and she started to cry. But then mom gave her a bottle. So I reassured the guy that her reaction was probably due to being hungry.

Celebrating 100 years old!

After we were done with dinner, I met a former friend/classmate from music therapy class and her mom and she sang “If I had a Hammer”. We were able to catch up a bit but it was now after Gpa’s b-day and he was worried about getting home.

All in all, I’d say it was a great day!