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A Bail Out Buddy

Talking about affluenza at the community garden Tuesday led the conversation to having a bail out buddy.

I told my kids when they were younger to get a bail out buddy, for I would not bail them out if they went to jail.  They could come home but I would not go get them.

When my second husband’s started drinking and driving, I told him as well that I would not bail him out from jail.  He was not happy with that so I assured him that if I ever went to jail, I would call someone else to bail me out.

On Tuesday, I realized I don’t have a bail out buddy any longer! And the rules in Texas are changing to the point, I may find myself needing one.  An example is the 2013 raid on a community garden in Arlington where members were handcuffed for 10 hours.

As I was asking who would like to be my bail out buddy, a member mentioned she had received a ticket earlier in the month and since she didn’t contact the court within the 15 days, she was worried she had a warrant for her arrest.

The best thing to look for in a bail out buddy is they help keep you OUT of jail in the first place.  So I loaded her into my car and we headed to the court building.

Not only did she not have a warrant but because she indicated she wanted to take the class, she saved money!

The old adage, ‘A stitch in time, saves nine’ is very applicable in all areas of life.

It is a shame that affluenza boy’s mother thought running would be the solution to her son’s possible breaking probation.  She has compounded her son’s situation as well as adding to her own.  If he is not viewed as an adult for this incident, he will most assuredly the next time.

Be careful who you choose to be your bail out buddy. Your choice could be the reason you are in or out of jail.

On Loving Affluenza Boys and Girls

I was serious when I decided to love everyone.  It isn’t an easy thing to do.  There are a lot of people doing and saying things that make it hard to love them. Some I come in direct contact and others I only know from hear-say or reported news.

Just because some are insulated from the results of their words or actions, does not mean they will never have to face what they have said or done. We teach our children best if the consequence is followed close after the incident.  But that is not always the case.

In cases where the correction was not done quickly, the lesson isn’t learned and the individual will continue to behave in the same manner causing other incidents and opportunities to learn.  It is a shame that the system will deal over harsh with some and under correct in others.

However, my goal is to find some way of loving even these people. I do have compassion that some lessons that are best learned at 2 years of age may not be learned until much later and at a higher cost than a ‘no-no’ and time out, or distraction to a more acceptable behavior.

And if the only way I can find love for these individuals is to ask myself, do I want to be loved and forgiven for the things I have done and said? The answer is yes. I begin by loving each one the way I want to be loved.