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Ant Bite Bracelet

I have taken on more than I can handle.  I know this as I’m feeling overwhelmed.  There is so much to do and I am so behind at the garden.  It’s time to plant for fall harvest.

I’ve taken the last few days to concentrate on the old plot.  I’m trying to keep as many of the marigolds going as possible but there is a lot of grass in between.

So I’ve been hacking away at it with a great hoe.  Sunday night, I got into a patch that had fire ants.  I am so glad I had on gloves.  They couldn’t get to my hands.

I do have bites around my wrists and on my left hand, the welts look like a bracelet.

They also got into my rubber boots and I grabbed the hose and filled them up.  BIG mistake.  The water only made the ants madder.  I had to sit down and take the boots off.  I am polka-dotted.

I sat and cried for a bit.  It was dark and I hurt and the plot still wasn’t seeded with buckwheat.

Then I pulled myself together, gathered my things and went home to take a shower.

After a good night’s sleep I was ready to tackle the day and after work, I finished planting.  Whew.

Now to finish the other plot.