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Sophie’s Sunflowers

Sophie sunfllower

Sophie’s sunflower

Silly people, I being one, we like to attach meanings and create alliterations.

I don’t know how much Sophie likes Sunflowers but I do know she has told her mother the flowers at school have told Sophie to pick them to give to mother.

so I would think she would like the jungle of sunflowers I have in my back yard.

I have picked a few to make this bouquet.  Sunflowers do not cooperate in vases very well.  AND the plants are very touchy-feely.  They dropped seeds on me as well as patted my back and head as I worked in the garden.

I brought the flowers into the house to surprise Sophie when she wakes up.  We are celebrating her birthday today.  Yesterday I brought her strawberries.

She will tell you she was born to eat strawberries.  An appropriate birthday gift to be sure.

I have been struggling with how hard life is and can be.  It is good to take a moment and look at how beautiful and good life can be.

And Miss Phie shared a strawberry with me!

Orange Peel Art

I had oranges on the counter.  I moved them when I saw that Gpa was eyeing them after dinner. He must have grabbed one then because I was sitting at the computer and he never got to the place where I had moved them.

He sat down at the table with a spoon and an orange.  He was scooping out orange from the top.  OK never seen it done that way.  But if it makes him happy.

He spent at least 30 minutes chewing away.  He’d get done with a piece, he’d either throw it on the floor or behind him.  When I told him to stop, he nodded.

He didn’t stop.

He did go to bed shortly after and slept until 1:45.  YAY!  That means I got some good sleep too.

I took pictures of his new art creation.

Orange Peel on bookcase

art created by Orange Peel on bookcase

Orange Peel on the floor

art created from Orange Peel on the floor

Gpa Puppet

When I picked up Gpa from day care they gave me a paper bag puppet they made for him.  Of him.  He was delighted.  He recognized that it was him and said it was a picture of him.  I think the activities director did a good job.  She didn’t.

He also told me that it was me, haha.

I took it to the garden and had the puppet talk to him and say his name is George Snott.  That also got a laugh from him.

gpa puppet

gpa puppet

Whatever He Wants

Everybody tells me, “Get him whatever he wants.”

Um, within reason.  I will not allow him to keep the sponge in his mouth.

I like that he called the grapes ‘little balls’  He got some.

In the last few months he has asked for whiskey.  I’ve never really seen him drink.  So it took him requesting whiskey more than once to take him serious.

The last time he requested it, I had just given him a cup of coffee, so I thought maybe he used to drink it in his coffee.

I got him some and put one spoonful in.  After one sip, he spit it out.  I don’t know if I messed up his coffee or his whiskey.  He couldn’t say.  The picture is what coffee with whiskey on the floor looks like.

coffee and whiskey spit art

coffee and whiskey spit art


Ready to Hang

I like Mondays.

Yesterday Gpa went to daycare.  I got a lot done.  I went to the garden, and while there watered, weeded, and planted fall crop.  I was singing and a hummingbird came by to check out what was making that noise.  So, of course I stopped to watch it fly.

Then, I went home showered, napped and ate lunch.  I put nine pieces of art into frames.  I have a high ceiling in my hall and these large pieces will be hung 3×3.  They look good lined up in a row as well.  I will wait til my daughter (who is tall) comes and helps me hang them.

Then I prepped a small canvas for another project.  I’ll start painting it on Thursday.

I picked some herbs I have grown and put together two herbed vinegar decanters.

I had some computer work to do but decided to do that when Gpa is home.  I went to two thrift stores.  Whew what a day!

Hope you had a great day, too!

art ready to hang

art ready to hang


Ketchup Surprise

Remember how the other day I caught Gpa with a packet of ketchup?  And my first clue to check on him was a juicy sound after he had eaten.

Well, across the room from where he sits.  I found ketchup on the wall!  I’m not sure how it got all the way across the room without there being some on the table. The yellow is the wall, the red is the ketchup and the white is the back door frame.

I’m surprised that the ketchup is still red since it’s been on the wall for a few days.  I’m also surprised that the dogs haven’t found it.

I’m still wishing I had painted the breakfast nook a high gloss for easier clean up.

Is it  art?

ketchup surprise

ketchup surprise

Old World Map Coffee Spill

This morning I woke up thinking I’d like to come home to a clean house.  Well, really I thought about cleaning house yesterday and at the thought of pushing the vacuum around, my back protested.

But I really want to come home to a clean house.  So I thought I’ll do it while Gpa eats.  But that is when I shower.  argh!

It was not yet 5am and I heard Gpa moving around.  Great! I got up and started laundry, vacuumed, and then cleaned the kitchen.  As I began to sweep, Gpa threw last nights bib over in the corner, where I have plants in the window.  I also have various experiments in growing and empty cartons and the weedeater and extension cord.  Well, one of the containers of dirt fell all over.

My focus now is on the opposite corner than where I was only a moment ago.  Once I got everything picked up.  I found an old coffee spill. Looks like an old world map to me.

old world map - coffee spill

old world map – coffee spill

I guess I’ll nap on the plane.  We’ll see that doesn’t always work out.

Gpa has been wondering from chair to chair, then to his room, check to make sure the car isn’t stolen.

I’d like a nap now.

And as Gpa ate, he created a new spill.  I mopped again and now he’s at the table spitting on the floor.

This is why I don’t get to excited about cleaning, it doesn’t even last half an hour.  I do have to admit, it is good to get the map off the floor.

Coffee Spit Art

Now Gpa has taken to spitting on the floor for the dog!

Here is some art created during snack time.

The face looks how I feel.

coffee spit face

coffee spit face

Coffee Spill Art – Orchid

This morning I left Gpa’s coffee cup on the table, thinking it would be there if he wanted it later.  Um he doesn’t like cold coffee.

So on the floor it went when my back was turned.

It looks like an orchid to me.  I consider it his birthday present to me.  Absolutely beautiful!

When he was my age, I wasn’t even here yet.  And he wasn’t even middle-aged!  And at the rate he’s going, he was

coffee spill orchid

coffee spill orchid

middle-aged at 80. Only sixty more years to go on his part!