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The Lie About Replacing a Tree

There is a mis-conception that if a tree gets destroyed or cut down, all that needs to happen to repair the situation is to plant another one.  Or plant several.

Um, a seedling is only inches high, it can’t do what an older tree does. It will be years before the new tree can begin to accomplish what missing tree was doing. I won’t go into the cleaner air and water and other benefits.

My sister picked up some pecans for me on a road trip. So I made salted buttered pecans this weekend and it got me to thinking…

It takes 10 years for a pecan tree to produce fruit. The trees at the community garden were 10 years old last year.  I’ve only been a member for 3 years.  I get to benefit from other peoples planning and planting. Yay!

Oh wait. No I don’t. The squirrels benefited.  They had a party and ate them all!

When I’m ready to make my next batch, I will have to find another source of pecans unless we can wrestle some from the squirrels.

But if the current trees aren’t cared for and need to be replaced, the wait will be even longer.