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A Benefit of Community Gardening

Even though this is my third year at the community garden,  I still consider myself a beginner.   I still think I’m not up to the task of tending a 10×20 plot and the amount of grass that is growing in it points to the correctness of my thinking.

However, I am learning by leaps and bounds.  Not only am I gaining a great deal of hands on experience, I am also learning from what the other gardeners are doing.   I found out that a couple of people planted artichokes this year.


I love artichokes!  My kids love artichokes. Though I only buy them when they are in season.    And the season doesn’t last long enough to get our fill.

I would have never guessed that they could be grown locally.  Maybe there will be one or two growing in my plot next year.

Well just like anything else, you have to tend to it.  If you don’t harvest, the plant will flower / go to seed.

And I would have to say that the artichoke flower is a very nice addition to the garden indeed.

Do you have a favorite vegetable flower?

Artichoke flower

Artichoke flower