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At the Edge of the Path

At this point in my life, I feel that I am standing on the edge of a cliff.  The task set before me has been completed.  Most days,  I think, well done.  Other days, I want to renegotiate and have a bit more time, back there.  Not only is cremation irreversible, so is death.

And now, at the edge I stand.  I don’t move forward because I don’t know if I need to build a bridge or a boat.  Am I facing a chasm or an ocean?

If I choose poorly and build the wrong one, disaster will befall.  Though I think falling down a chasm in a boat would be worse than standing in an ocean holding a rope. (It would have to be a rope bridge because I don’t know how to solder).

I was really happy with the little life I had with Gpa and really don’t know if I want to go further down the path.

I may just take the wood and rope (I seem to have at my disposal) and build a little hut and hammock .  That would suit me just fine.