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Self Perception

What one thinks of oneself can be a good thing, or a bad thing.  It depends on how one treats oneself because of it.

Gpa thinks (and probably feels) he is much younger than he is.  I think that is why he flirts so.  I do try to keep him from mirrors.  They remind him he is old.  He also thinks he is an ugly guy.

But he is not.

My 25 year old daughter has a friend that has been fighting bulimia since before they met.  They met in junior high.  That is a long time to think and feel that one is morbidly obese and be underweight.  It is also a way she feels in control.

When this young woman was in her early 20’s her body took that control away as well.  She had gotten to a point where she didn’t have to do anything to purge after eating.  She just did.  She came very close to dying.

I’m not clear if she’s started again or has just confessed that she is purging now.  The good thing is that she is seeking help.  Looking into ways to get support.  I’ve taken her to a support group not unlike AA.  I couldn’t go in but I could walk her to the door.  I hope she keeps going.

She shared with me that because of her success, she’s gained some weight (this is a good thing because)  this makes her feel fat (this is a bad thing)

I told her that for a while she is going to have to allow herself to feel out of sorts as she changes her self perception.  I hope she can do it.

I think changing one’s view of oneself can be the hardest thing ever.