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An Example of Grace

Recently Grace Parker, reported missing, was found dismembered. A horrific story unfolds as days go by. Her adopted mother and boyfriend accused of what has happened to Grace.

And then I read some details of who Grace was. People have stepped forward and shared that Grace made friends at school with others who didn’t have many friends.  She told those friends the people at home are mean.

Lately, I’ve been chewing on what does one do in the face of bullies. There are those type of bullies that will back down when confronted, but  there are those bullies that will do what they do and more damage is done.

Grace dealt with her situation as best she could. She didn’t let the mean people dampen who she was.  She choose to be kind and reach out to others.

I will do that as well.  I will stand up to the bullies by living my life well.  I will reach out to those around me and seek to make a difference where I can. I choose to be kind, regardless of what others are choosing to do. And I thank Grace for being an example of a way to stay strong and true to oneself in the face of adversity.

Grace, may you rest in peace.

Only 99.9% of the People Love Gpa

Gpa and I ran up to the store to get some get-well items for Gena.  The first mistake was going after school when all the harried moms would be at the store.  The other mistake I made is going to the store closest to the house.  They have a weird set up where you put your cart on one side of the last minute junk divider and line up on the other side.   I’ve had problems with this before but not like today.

I had put the cart on the one side, leaving Gpa at the end of the other side.  I had just told him to scoot up when a kid jumped in front of us and then his mom and other kids filled the space.  So I said “excuse me. ”  The woman ignored me but her skinny kid raised his arms and started defending their position.

Voices became raised.  I’ll admit it, if you yell at me and raise your arms, I’ll get loud too.

So she sent her kid to the car I guess but she defended her position that it was ok to cut in line because we were too slow.

I replied that my grandfather is 100.  She said that is why she had kids is so that they would take care of her.

All the while facing away from me.

I told her it wasn’t how family treats you, it’s how other people treat you.  She said she wasn’t going to talk to me.

Then the manager came and happily took her to another aisle.  So she got rewarded for being a bully!

As I pushed Gpa forward, she continued to quietly talk smack.  she said if we got to close to her, I’d be sorry.

I had enough and left the store.  There is a grocery store across the street.  We went there.

This incident threw me off for an entire week.  Do we stand up for ourselves or not?  I can’t figure out anything I could have said or done that would have made a difference.  Oh, I’ll not be going to that store again.  The layout is just asking for people to have a fight.

And it’s hard knowing that not everyone who meets Gpa will fall in love with him instantly.

Their loss.