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Cecil the Lion and the Dentist

An American went to Zimbabwe to hunt big game.  His expert guides lured an animal from a reserve so the hunter could use his bow and arrow.

The hubris thinking he is better than others because he has trophies of big game from around the world hanging on the walls. He wants people to honor and adore him for his Olympian efforts.

How is parading an animal in front of you to shoot hunting?

I hit a target in front of me when I play darts. And nothing has to die.

This particular lion happened to be collared, and beloved.  The American is sorry now.  He’s not sorry he killed the lion.  He’s sorry people are upset.  So sorry he is not receiving the conquering hero’s welcome home.

Makes me stop and ponder, where is hubris in my life?  In what areas do I think I should receive the conquering hero’s welcome home?  And whether the times have changed and I will be sorry for upsetting people instead.