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It’s Not a Burden

Our organist is ill.  So ill she is in the hospital.  Then she’ll be in rehab for three weeks.  Ouch.  Many prayers please.

It is a good thing I have been practicing daily. I was able to play the violin for church a couple of weeks ago.  This past Sunday, a member who plays the guitar did so.  The leaders don’t want to wear us out.

That’s funny.  I get great joy playing, it doesn’t wear me out.   I’m not sure if I expressed this in a way to over come their thoughts of how hard it must be.  It isn’t hard, it’s just I don’t play by ear and I only know the one key.  So I am limited on what I can play.  Doesn’t mean I  don’t want to.

Good thing I get to bring my violin to Tuesday morning harvest.  I play what ever I want and take requests if they are in my repertoire.


Life and Death Goes On

This morning, I went to Gpa’s old church to plan his service for his friends in Ft. Worth.  Because I needed to stop at the funeral home, I got there early enough to attend church.  It brought back memories when they called the kids up.  I’ve done gone up front before.  That is how long Gpa and Gma have been members.

While I was waiting for my appointment, the couple who joined the church in the service and announced they were getting married, came into the office to meet with a different pastor.  When the pastor I was to meet with took me into the conference room, we were asked if we could share the room.  A couple were meeting another pastor for a baptism.  Their baby was so little.

It was hard being the one talking about a funeral.  It kept me from asking if I could hold the baby.  OK, that and he was so little.  I forget how little babies start out.

It was nice to see that there were people who were making plans that are happier.  And the mom said it was nice meeting me even though all we said to each other was hello.