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Seven Minutes in Heaven

When I was in junior high, I had a friend who went to a church of a different denomination.  On the one hand she told us if we didn’t go to her church, we were going to hell, on the other hand she told us they played seven minutes in heaven at youth group.

I told myself not to go to her church.  I didn’t want to go into a closet with a boy and grope each others.  Even if it meant going to hell.

I don’t remember the whole story but I’m thinking the leaders weren’t involved.  I could be wrong.

Because I went to a youth retreat at my church and they had us play ‘Darling, I love you.’ We all sat in chairs in a circle.  One person was it.  They were to sit on someone’s lap and try to get that person to smile.

Both junior high and high school kids were there.  Being shy and nervous, of course I smiled when a boy sat on my lap.  I was highly embarrassed, I didn’t even know the boy and I didn’t want to sit on anyone’s lap.

However, being a rule follower, I played the game as best as I could.  Which was lousy.  I ended up sitting on every single boy’s lap, except for the one that was shyer than me.  He didn’t want to play so much that he folded over and hid his face.  Oh how I wish I had thought to do that!

Finally, they had mercy on me and asked a boy to volunteer.  For I wasn’t going to go around again!

Really, what did you teach me about heaven?!?! I stopped going to church not too long after that.

I would much rather be in the garden digging in the dirt, alone in my room playing the violin, or juggling in the park or library.   These are times and places I find heaven. I can spend more than seven minutes and don’t have to hide in a closet.

Where do you find heaven?