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Coulda Been a Community Event

This week is bulky trash pick up.  Lots of interesting things get put out.  Some worthy of picking up and taking home, or selling for scrap.

Great time to clean out old junk and the it out of the garage or home.

A few doors down and across the street, someone added an upright piano to their pile.  Oh it breaks my heart when I see such things put out. I began to notice different people would stop and hit a few notes.  First a couple of neighbor boys.  The notes they hit sounded in tune.

The next day, regular and recycle pick up day, the guy who goes through and gets the cans and bottles, stopped and hit a few keys.  I couldn’t resist and later that afternoon, I started Fur Elise.

Oops, I hit a few notes that the keys needed to be tuned.

Wouldn’t it have been fun if we could have had a block party with a pot luck and sing along?

outdoor piano

outdoor piano