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Thoughts on Bill Cosby’s Charges

I try not to watch the news.  However, it is everywhere and I do hear and see things.  I was sorry to hear about Bill Cosby’s charges. Very serious indeed.

I hadn’t thought I’d speak up until I saw a comment on Facebook.  Something about those women went to his room expecting something. UMMM I don’t think they expected to be drugged by a well loved public figure.

Sure, people spend time with other people for a variety of reasons.  I don’t think we should have the attitude, you get what you get.

Maybe they wanted some career advice, maybe they thought they were meeting someone they could trust, maybe, maybe, maybe.  And even if they had wanted a celebrity notch on their belt, they would have wanted it consensual.

I’m sorry to see that people are inclined to blame the victim.

What if he had drugged men? Would the response be the same? Or children?

How would we as a society have reacted if this was done by someone else? Someone who lives down the street, or a co-worker? Would we be so quick to blame the victims? Probably, that’s why victims don’t speak up.

NOTE TO SELF: If I don’t want to get what I get, have all meetings in public places. This will reduce the chances of becoming a victim but this is not a guarantee.