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A Handful of Coffee and a Cookie

While I was helping Gpa in the bathroom, he asked for a handful of coffee and a cookie.  Mind you he had already had his afternoon snack.  And it was a handful of coffee and a cookie.

But he was so earnest and smiled at me with his beautiful blue eyes, which were enhanced by his shirt of the same color, I couldn’t resist.

So once we were finished with, “peepee and poopi”  and yes I have found myself asking to be excused because I have to “peepee and poopi”.

I got him a protein shake and a graham cracker.  He was so happy.

Well, until he got to his chair in the den.  I was on the computer and he got my attention.

He told me he was so hungry he had to eat his thumb.

I am so sorry his tummy doesn’t tell his brain that he has eaten.

Never fear, at 5pm, I’ll fix his dinner.