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Someone on the Corner

Over the years there has been an internal debate on how to respond to people on the corner with a sign.

Sometimes I give and sometimes I don’t.  Once when the kids were real little, I noticed a regular and decided to put a jug of water in the car for him.  It was more than a week before I saw him again.  I got a lot of flack from the kids dad.

However, last week as I was coming to a corner and saw someone standing there a question flashed through my mind.

What if that was Gpa? Or another loved one? Or what if that was me? How would I respond then?

I had a dollar in my purse and I gave it to him when it was my turn at the stop sign.

And as usual when I do reach out and give, he said, “God bless you.” The one with nothing blesses the one with much.

I responded, “God bless you.” And hence we had church on the side of the road.