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A Hero’s Journey

I am listening to a book on tape.  “A hero’s journey’ has been mentioned a couple of times.  I think that if you ask the hero when he/she started out, maybe even when they are done, they never felt like a hero.

They just did the next thing that needed to be done.

When Gpa first got diagnosed with dementia, a friend told me about a family counselor that was free.  So I’d go on my lunch hour.  Oh how I needed this.  But then the woman got promoted and I graduated me.  Said I wold be fine and really I was doing much better than most of her clients.  I felt fired.

Once when I was there telling her of the struggle, she asked, what if God were just asking you to push the obstacle but was not expecting you to move it? Well, that would be something then.  I could just stand their and push and not be frustrated that I wasn’t getting anywhere.

My daughter tells me that when Gpa and I fell, I yelled, “Why is this so hard”  I had thought I just thought it at God.  But that is what got my daughter in the room to help us up.

I’m thinking maybe it’s been hard pushing so long because the sign says pull.

And I’m going to have to go through the door without him.