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Gpa’s Pickles

Gpa has a recipe, School Girl Choker pickle, it is my absolute favorite pickle.  The recipe starts with ‘float an egg’.  Who would have thought you’d need an egg for a pickle recipe?

I made a batch a couple of years ago and I am almost out.  I’ve been rationing them.

This year, I’m growing the cucumbers that will become these all favorite morsels.

Today, I have enough cucumbers to start the process.  I even had one that hid and it grew to twice the size.  So I cut some to test what the process does to them.  The rest I used to make refrigerator pickles, which will help tide me over.

School Girl Choker pickles take at least 3 weeks to complete.

So back to the first step.  Float an egg.  I measured as I went and made note so it will be easier next time. I asked Gpa if I needed to let the rock salt disolve before putting the egg in.  He nodded.  Then I asked, “Or can I put the egg in now?”  He nodded again.

I don’t think I floated the egg as well as I did today.  How fun it was like a magic trick.  Only 20 more days……

foating egg

foating egg

Pocket Full of Goodness

today pickings


The pockets on my apron are almost too small.  You can’t see the cherry tomatoes under all that goodness.  The cucumber is destined to be a School Girl Choker pickle. Yum.

They are so popular at my house that my daughter saw a zucchini on the counter, picked it up and asked why it wasn’t in the process of becoming a pickle.

She was disappointed in the answer. She’s going to be even more disappointed when she finds out it takes more than a couple of weeks to go through the pickling process.

I do plan to see if what I have so far will fill up the jar, if so, the process will begin tomorrow!

I’ve been rationing the remaining pickles from the last batch.  I ate a slice in celebration! I think I’ll give Gpa one with his lunch.

He is the one that made the first batch I ever ate.