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It Stays the Same as it Changes

We have a new neighbor.  He takes care of his father who has had a stroke.  He said that any information on activities I knew about would be great.  I told him about daycare and will pick up information for him.

I thought maybe we could carpool.  He doesn’t have a vehicle so I told him that the daycare does pick people up.  I don’t use it as I use those days to do errands.

Later I was thinking about carpooling.  The neighborhood mom’s created one when the kids went to junior high.  We lived .2 miles too close for bus service.

And here I am many years later thinking about carpooling again.  The difference is this time I had a caution on how well the other ‘parent’ drives.  I don’t think I ever worried about that when the kids were younger.

Maybe because we had all lived in the neighborhood for years, and I hadn’t heard about speeding tickets or accidents, it was enough.  But was it really?  Must have because the kids are in their 20’s now.


A Cookie and a Prayer

Yesterday was day care  day for Gpa and errand day for me.  Boy did I get a lot done!  The last thing I did and the most important was getting the oil changed and window wipers replaced. (the wipers were looking pretty ragged)  I was supposed to change the oil a couple of weeks ago. Now that it is done, I have a load off my mind.

I also got to have lunch with a couple of friends.  That was the best part of the day.  One shared some troubles she has been having.  She has been taking steps to make the changes needed so that is good.  But the changes are live changing and she confessed that worry has been keeping her awake at night.

This made me remember when I was worried about my ex.  I spent many nights awake, worried about what he planned to do next.  My solution was to pray for missionaries in China.  I did that enough that I stopped worrying about what was going to happen at home.

I told my friend to pray for the people in China.  She asked what’s happening in China.  I said I don’t know, pray for anyone you want.  Surely at 2 am, someone somewhere is needing prayer.

Last night Gpa got up a couple of times and at 3 am I changed him and he asked for a cookie.  So I set him up with a cookie and juice.  I started to grumble about being up at 3 am and remembered what I had said earlier in the day.  I started praying for surely someone somewhere needs prayer at 3 am.

And praying puts me in a much better mood than grumbling.

I hope you have a great day today!


He’s a Good Driver

When I picked up Gpa from day care, he was messing with another attendee.  He and Brent have become good friends and I’m glad. Brent is a young man and has CP.

Gpa was trying to get Brent to bring his wheelchair closer so Gpa could stick his walker in the spokes.  Gpa called me over and told me, “He’s not doing it right.”

“Um, Gpa, he doesn’t have to do that.”

Then Gpa got to telling them I’m hurting him.  Whew, you just never know what you are going to to get when there’s been a stimulating day.

We got into the car and he told me I was going too fast.  “No, the sign there says 40 and I’m going 40. ”

“It’s lying to you.”

Then he told me he was a good driver and gave me a running commentary on how well he was doing.  At one stop light he grabbed the wheel.  I told him not to grab that.  Scary as we were on the way to the highway. Just what I need is him helping me at 60 miles an hour.

I just kept telling him how good he was doing and he didn’t grab after that and for that I am glad.

I may have to see what letting him be a backseat driver does.

Chatty Kathy

Wow Gpa had a great day at the day care today!  When I picked him up, he was talking a lot!  He had a folded up color sheet and told me that I did it.  He had a running commentary on my driving.

Usually he tells me how great the ride is and what a great driver I am but not today.

Today he was watching the signs and telling me if  I was going too fast.  He even told me that I was scaring him by getting to close to the person in front of us.  I was approaching a stop sign, so it was OK that I was that close.

He pointed out when the light was red and when it was green.

One of the signs he tried to tell me was the speed limit, was the number of the highway.  I told him we were on a highway and he pointed to the over passes and said, those were high and we were on the low way.

I’m glad I got got my chores done early and picked him up before there was too much rush hour traffic.

He was very distracting.  Though I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

He’s been chewing on his jacket and his gloves.  I’m thinking he needs to go to the dentist.  I’ll add that to the list.

A Full Set of Back Up Clothes

I make sure Gpa has a set of clothes at day care in case he needs them.  However, I only bring a shirt, a pair pants and 2 depends.  How dirty can he get?

Well, I should have packed a set of everything he wears.  He got his gloves and jacket soiled and was upset because his hands were cold.

The assistant director told me he had feces all over his gloves (which are dark brown work gloves from Wal-mart) and walker.  I told her I had put a new set on him this morning.  I had gotten 12 from Wal-mart online store.  I guess I was thinking she was saying I brought him that way.  I now think she was telling me to bring a full set of back up clothes.

I also think she’s telling me that they don’t check on him as often as they should.  At home, the only time he get’s feces on his hands is if I have to leave the bathroom to get a new package of wipes.  BOY, have I learned not to leave the bathroom!  Once was enough for me thank you.

And he’s never gotten it all over his walker.  I’ve told them sometimes he isn’t aware that he is going to the bathroom.  I’ve learned that if he shifts or lifts hips off the chair, it’s time to get to the bathroom.

It’s not like they don’t have other people at the daycare that needs extra care.  They all do.  I had to get a note from the doctor to be able to use this daycare.

Gpa was trying to get his hand in his pants pocket when we got in the car. I asked him what he was doing.  He was trying to get his hand in his pocket to warm it up.  So I showed him how to put his hand under his arm.

Gpa was so happy when I gave him a new pair of gloves when we got home.  “Oh, there they are!”

I haven’t looked in the bag.  I’m not ready.  I want to eat dinner first.