Dia De Los Muertos

This is the third year I’ve gone to the garden to celebrated Dia De Los Muertos.  The first year, Gpa went with me.  Last year, he was one of the people I brought a picture of to place on the alter.

This year, I’ll be celebrating my daughter in laws mother, and my son’s dad. They both loved coffee and hot peppers.

I’m sorry John and Rocio won’t be here to celebrate their parents with me.  But I know they would be here if they could.

I am glad to take some time to reflect on the lives of these two people who have been a part of two people I love very much.  Both left too soon and both are missed.  I plan to encourage John and Rocio to talk to their kids about these two who are no longer here.

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Remembering a mom and a dad during Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Almost the middle of November!  Where is the time going?  I’m still in the middle of July.

Aztec dancers came to the garden November 2. Gpa and I went last year and took pictures of Mom and Grandma.  I told God at that time I didn’t want to be bringing a picture of Gpa but I would bring a picture of Dad.

Well,  sometimes you don’t get your way.  Gpa wouldn’t have gotten to go to the celebration because he had become bed bound.

I had gone to a wedding shower of a friend of Lillie’s.  The bride-to-be likes foxes and dia de los muertos art.  So I went home and drew out a dia de los muertos fox to take to the wedding.

Then I created one of Gpa and one of Dad.  It made me happy to bring such colorful pictures of them and helped me to get into the spirit of celebrating.

Marigolds from Gpa’s plot were used to bless people and I felt more connected to him as they put the petals on my head.  Later I told a friend that we had become flower children.  Of course, we were both born in the 60’s.

I hope you enjoy the art.Exif_JPEG_422

Day of the Dead

Last night Gpa and I saw Groupo Yaoyollohlti Aztec Dancers at the garden for a Los Dias de Los Muertos celebration.

I had originally planned to watch.  Then I read the email and saw that we could bring a picture of a loved one that is no longer.  I took a picture of mom and Gma.  They were probably the best part of Gpa’s earlier life.  We lost them within months of each other over 18 years ago.  It’s hard to fathom that much time has gone by.

Still miss them.

I’m glad I took the picture.

The evening was really two events.  First was a  Velacion or vigil.  Each person in attendance had an opportunity to sing with a drummer.

I sang Sanctuary.

Most everyone else sang in Spanish and while I listened I  thought about mom and Gma.  And I realized that when Gpa passes away, he’ll be going where they are.  He’ll be in good hands.  I guess I’ve been thinking he’d be going to some void.

But not any time soon.

Then there was dancing. It was great to watch and Gpa was able to stay til almost the end.  We went in and got him a cup of coffee.

I plan to take my dad’s picture next year.

I like the idea of honoring loved ones who have gone on to the next thing.