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Open Letter to Legislators

First of all can you please leave your political rhetoric at home when addressing the tragedy of mass shootings? Empathize just a bit with your constituents that have lost loved ones and / or are recovering from being hit themselves.

NOBODY wants to take the weapons you own away.  Unless, of course you are prone to domestic violence and have a history of mental illness.

So what I want to do now is change the slant of this topic.  Instead of looking at the symptom let’s look at the cause.

This most recent incident shows a man who was able to cross state lines and not be held accountable for his sex assault offense, he was able to cross state lines after he escaped a mental institution. Um, why did authorities stop looking for him?

Let’s understand that people who are cruel to animals and other people will continue to escalate that behavior if left unchecked.  ESPECIALLY if they own the animal and know the people they are harming.

Hello, there were articles written in the 1980’s about domestic violence.  And there’s lots of information if you Google it.

So let’s look at that problem. Let’s stop the abuse the FIRST time it is reported.  Let’s not depend on the domestic partner to file charges. Even if they do file charges, their partner will pressure them to drop them. Domestic abusers are a menace not only to their families but to society at large. They must be held accountable for their behavior at home so that it doesn’t spill out into where we go for entertainment, work and worship.

Violence against women, children and animals must be addressed and stopped.

Legislatures, can you do something about that?


We Are Fine Together

Recently Paul Simon and his wife, singer Edie Brickell, were arrested on a domestic dispute.  Apparently they had an argument and there was something physical like pushing.  Enough physical contact happened that the arrests had to happen.

These kinds of things do happen and I am sorry that their experience had to be made so public.

On one of the trips to California I took Gpa, we had a physical altercation.  No one called the police and no one got arrested. Of that I am glad.  He had gotten up and was wondering the house.  I was tired and wanted him to go back to bed without taking the time to give him a snack.  He felt threatened and punch me in the nose.  Definitely more physical than what was reported above.

I think we were both surprised.  I was so glad I didn’t have my glasses on at the time.   I wasn’t so happy that my son, his wife and their children witnessed the incident.

My then 4 year old grandson, came and told me he didn’t like Gpa anymore because Gpa had hit me.  I told him that Gpa was frustrated and didn’t have the words to tell me he was upset.  I could tell my grandson didn’t believe me that it was ok.  So I told him that sometimes he gets upset with his sisters and hadn’t he hit them?

OH that was a hard thing for him to hear.  What a lesson to learn at 4 years old.  Sometimes we don’t behave as well as we would like and sometimes those we love don’t either.  The question is can we extend grace and get past this incident and move on?

We did, and it sounds like Paul and Edie will as well.  I hope so.