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He’s a Good Driver

When I picked up Gpa from day care, he was messing with another attendee.  He and Brent have become good friends and I’m glad. Brent is a young man and has CP.

Gpa was trying to get Brent to bring his wheelchair closer so Gpa could stick his walker in the spokes.  Gpa called me over and told me, “He’s not doing it right.”

“Um, Gpa, he doesn’t have to do that.”

Then Gpa got to telling them I’m hurting him.  Whew, you just never know what you are going to to get when there’s been a stimulating day.

We got into the car and he told me I was going too fast.  “No, the sign there says 40 and I’m going 40. ”

“It’s lying to you.”

Then he told me he was a good driver and gave me a running commentary on how well he was doing.  At one stop light he grabbed the wheel.  I told him not to grab that.  Scary as we were on the way to the highway. Just what I need is him helping me at 60 miles an hour.

I just kept telling him how good he was doing and he didn’t grab after that and for that I am glad.

I may have to see what letting him be a backseat driver does.