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Digging for the Pony

The lady at the garden who has cancer is home from surgery now.  She’s resting and still has a tendency to be negative.  She was negative before she found out about the cancer so I don’t think anyone is surprised.

However, in the last week I have heard about 2 different women who are 25 facing cancer and they both have small children.  We all have something we have to face.

This reminded me of the story of twins.  One was a pessimist and the other an optimist. They wanted to do an experiment and see if they could change the kids attitudes.

So they put the pessimist in a room full of brand new toys and he burst out crying. “Why are you crying, the room is full of new toys?”

“They will all get broken”

They put the other boy into a room full of manure.  He quickly began to happily dig. “Why are you so happy? The room is full of manure?”

“Will all this manure, there has to be a pony somewhere!”

I tend to look for the pony.

And I dug for hours yesterday!

I wasn’t expecting a pony since I was digging up weeds and grass to plant fall crops.

I also wasn’t expecting to find shallots, onion and elephant garlic!  I had planted the shallots but the other was from the person who had the plot before me.  All season I enjoyed the plants but totally forgot there would be the benefit of harvest.

I gave what could be used for lunch.  And I think we all enjoyed the meal.

Even though I didn’t find a pony yesterday.  It was a good day overall.