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Harvest for the Pantry

When Gpa and I found the community garden, we also found an opportunity to harvest for the food pantry.  Every Tuesday a group of people meet for breakfast and then harvest what is ready to be taken to the food pantry.

Today, we harvested 150 pounds of mustard greens.  That is a lot!  I had been playing during the harvest if there were enough people.  Then I started to play the violin.  I still need the sheet music so I thought it would be better to play inside.  I’ve been playing while the ladies get breakfast ready.  Or as in today’s case, I played after I ate as well.  I hadn’t finished my repertoire.

Then on to the harvest.

I’ve been participating for a little over a year and it just hit me.  I’m helping to feed the hungry.  It’s funny how the choice of words changes the meaning.