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One More Service

We had a lovely celebration of life on Sunday.  Everyone that came was able to remember Gpa.  However, this isn’t what he wanted. He wanted a service at his church.  He picked the pastor, the chapel and the songs.

I’ve been debating with myself on if this is something we are going to do.  I’m the only one in the family who is even thinking it is a possibility.  I’d really rather not and so sat down to see if the reason’s to do it were enough for me to go through the effort.

The service won.

1. Gpa wanted it.

2. I can honor Gpa by doing it.

3. His friends in Ft. Worth will be able to remember him and say good-bye.

So I made the call and will meet with the pastor on Sunday for a service on Tuesday.

And this morning, I thought of the best reason to have the service;

I’ll hear stories about Gpa that I would never know if I do not do this.