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A Giant Turnip

I went to the garden yesterday and Becky gave me a turnip that came out of my new garden.  She said it should be good for a couple of meals.  Yay!

Um, how do you cook it?

She gave me a couple of options and I’m thinking of dividing  the thing up and trying them all.

When I picked it up, it was very heavy.  It made me think, isn’t there a folk tale about an old couple and a turnip?  Some of those tales have wishes ill spent and sausages on the nose.

I decided to proceed with caution.

Imagine my relief when I looked up the tale. It is about how it takes the man, wife, granddaughter, and several animals to pull the thing out of the ground.  I’d say that one would provide more than a couple of meals.

In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the one I have.


A Giant Turnip