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32 Tomato Babies

This is the second year I’ve started tomatoes from seed I collected.  I didn’t write down the variety when I collected the seeds because I thought I’d remember by the color of the goo.  I had red, green and purple.   I didn’t think about the goo being gone.

So I know the plants are one of three variety’s anyway.

Just like last year, I thought I’ll just plant a couple and get them started in the window.  Well, the seeds are so little, I keep planting.  I ended up with 32 tomato babies.

I thought what am I going to do with that many plants?  I shouldn’t have fretted.  I gave my daughter 8 for her and her friends.  I planted 8 and lost 7 due to a late freeze.  I planted 3 along my back fence at home and one of the chickens figured out how to get under the chicken wire, the hen sat on one.  I gave 4 more to friends.  And 2 in my new area at home.

OK so maybe 32 tomato babies weren’t too much.

You know what else I like to do?  I like to take the part I pinch off and see if I can propagate that as well.  So I have 6 new tomato babies  to care for in my window.