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The Guitar, the Violin, or the Ukulele

I committed to playing music at the plant sale this past Saturday.  I’ve been practicing the violin, neglecting the uke and the guitar.  So when I went to load up the car, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to take.  Mark said he’d come play his accordion at lunch.  So that meant taking the uke or guitar.  I wanted to take the violin but I’ve been having trouble tuning the E string.  I can’t turn the knob.

As I stood there, I thought, if I don’t make a decision, I’ll be here all day. Load up all of them and decide there.  I am so glad I did.  I ended up playing all three instruments.  A fellow gardener brought his grandchildren,  5 and 7, and I let them try the uke and violin.  The guitar had not made it out of the car yet.

It was fun watching them be so serious as they explored making sounds with the instruments.

I got the guitar out when Mark showed up. Even though we hadn’t played the camp songs in a long while, our rusty fingers soon found the notes right enough for all to have a good time.

Sometimes the choice is all of the above!

Violin, Piano and Guitar

I’ve been playing the violin 1-2 times a day.  Last week, I took it to the garden and practiced while the ladies were making breakfast.

I figured I was about fit for human consumption.  One lady even sang a long!  What a great feeling.

In one way it’s been a hard instrument to learn.  There are no frets, I have to figure out where to put my fingers each time.  Have to hold the bow just right and if I don’t pay attention, the bow will slide to a part of the instrument that causes squeaking!

This has been like learning to ride a bike.  Awkward at first but if you keep at it, it will be like flying!

Another way, it is easier to play.  Right now I’m using one left hand finger at a time.   A piano would have you use 1-6 or more at a time.  That takes coordination!  Guitar chords can have your fingers in knots.

The sounds that have been coming from the violin have given me a great deal of comfort.  I am so glad I bought it instead of the deep freezer.

Heart Strings

I found an opportunity to play for a local nursing home.  I did it on Friday.  It was awesome.  I played for their dinner hour and the feedback was great.

Two song requests that I couldn’t perform,  Danny Boy and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.   I’m not sure how Danny Boy will sound on the ukulele but I have the sheet music for Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I just didn’t have it with me.  

I’ll get it together for next week.

I slept very well that night.

This morning, I moved things around and got a part of the big bedroom set up as a music room.  I played the keyboard a little bit and then the guitar.  And just a bit ago, I played a new song on the violin as well as the other ones I am practicing.  

So glad I set up the room.  Exif_JPEG_422

Thoughts on a Violin

In the fifth grade, we were introduced to orchestra instruments.  If we wanted to play, we needed to pick one out.

I wanted to play the violin.

My parents said no.

I am tone deaf.

My dad’s dad played violin tone deaf and it was awful.

I wouldn’t know.

He died before I was born.

There are stern looking pictures of him at my parents wedding.

Dad didn’t like to talk about him so I don’t really have a clue on who he was.

I do know about the violin.  I also know that he was involved in church.  So we have 2 things in common.  I do hope that he wasn’t so stern that he never laughed or saw the lighter side of life.  I like to think that we might have had a relationship built from the things we loved in common.

I think my parents told me to pick a different instrument.

If they did.  I told them no.

I only had eyes for the violin.

When my kids were little, my brother in law heard I’d like to learn the guitar.  He had one he wasn’t using.  He gave it to me and I’d practice in the hall after the kids were in bed.

A few years ago a fellow juggler told me he was playing the ukulele, we have 4 fingers and the uke has 4 strings.

I got one and learned to play.

Last week a friend gave me a flyer on a sale from the symphony orchestra.  It is a fund raiser.

My fifth grade self jumped up and down for joy.  I could get a good instrument, a better instrument than I would pay for.

I had a friend’s daughter give me a lesson so I’d have an idea of what to look for and if I really wanted to pursue the violin.

I have some books at the library waiting for me to pick up tonight.  In the mean time, I’ve been checking out internet for what to do with the violin.

I don’t regret that it took 40 years to finally get one.  1st, my fifth grade self did not have the discipline to practice. 2nd she wasn’t allowed to make mistakes, 3rd my parents won’t have to hear any screeching as I learn.

What I would have regretted is if I hadn’t listened and get one now.

and it gives me something to do at 2 am when Gpa gets up for his cookie.

First Dill Pickle and Music Makes Us Dance

I have so many cucumbers I thought I’d try a batch of dill pickles after I got the School Girl batch started.

Dill pickles only take a few days.  School Girls take three weeks.

We sliced up the first dill pickle and put it on our sandwiches at the garden.  With fresh tomatoes! YUM!

I took the Guitar and Ukulele, and played gospel music during the harvest.  At one point a woman pointed out that Gpa was responding to the music. I missed it because I stopped playing as I  looked up.  Darn.

I don’t know if he has ever heard that song but it is one of my favorites so I’ll be playing it more often.

What better way to spend the day than hanging out on the pavillion jamming while Gpa dances?

first dill pickle

first dill pickle