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Only looks like Hoarding

I have finally figured out what to do with the floors.  Well, Gena did.  I’ve been needing to pull up the carpet and replace it.  But with what?  I don’t want to put carpet down again,  The dog will use the new carpet like he did the old. Don’t want to go through the time and expense of tile, or wood, either.

So when Gena’s work place painted their concrete, she asked what we had under the carpet.  It’s concrete!  She showed me some beautiful pictures of stained concrete.  Some of them are really works of art.

Boy, did I get excited.  Only problem was the concrete had been treated so had to go the enamel route.

I spent mornings and weekends pulling back the carpet and getting the tack strips pulled up.  Then Gena helped me move all the furniture out of the two bedrooms and closets.

Here’s a picture of my den.  Looks like hoarding but it’s not.  And I’ll go through it and only put back the things I really love and want.

bedroom stuff in den

bedroom stuff in den