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A Good Cry

Having the hospital bed has made some things easier and some things harder.

Gpa stays in bed all night long.  I don’t have to lift so much to get him in and out of bed. I can get him to change positions to allow his bed sore to start to heal.

It needs a different size sheet that I don’t have, so there is more bunching and more things get wet.  When this happens, I just change him in the room rather than taking him to the bathroom.

He is stiffer in the morning and had a hard time using his arms to feed himself this morning.

I cried all the way through church.  Mourning the loss of Gpa.  Silly girl, he’s sitting right next to you.  Yes, but this is a letting go, a bit at a time, and I let go a little bit.

He’s been as hungry as a bear and today he was as hungry as a pig. I’m not sure if one is hungrier than the other but he eats a lot.

I don’t think his body is processing much of what he eats,  he’s just skin and bones.

After church, which included lunch and a visit from Santa, we went home and took a nap.

After a good cry and a good nap, I feel better.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas with family coming over.

A Simple Request

When Gpa was in the hospital, they were able to keep him in the bed by raising his legs higher than his head.

Since Gpa has been falling when he tries to get out of bed, I asked the doctor for a hospital bed.  He agreed.

Monday, the home health nurse came and assessed what we needed.

We agreed, a hospital bed, a tub bench, a gel cushion, and I thought a grab bar.

Someone called to confirm: a hospital bed overlay, did I have a hospital bed?


It sounded like she changed the order.  Told me that insurance won’t pay for the bench, did I want it?  I asked for the dimensions before I decide.  I don’t want to spend the money if it doesn’t fit.

And the gel cushion.  After we got off the phone, I realized she didn’t say grab bar.  I’ll have to mention it when they call back.

We are using the towel rack and it was not made to have someone hold on to it with full weight.  It looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Tues as I was getting ready to leave for juggling practice, an aide called. Her GPS couldn’t get her to the house.  She was on her way now!  She had me stay on the phone until she got to the house.  I had to one handed pick up.

She wanted to bathe Gpa but we didn’t have the bench.  So she changed him for me.  That was weird.

She was supposed to be back on Thursday but she didn’t pick up when I called to tell her I was running late from picking up Gpa from Daycare.  She has not returned my call either.

Friday morning a physical therapist came to check out Gpa.  She asked what the goal was.  Had Gpa do some movement.  The only thing he couldn’t do was put his hands behind his back.  Oh and he has a bit of trouble bending his ankles.

Saturday, a social services case worker came out.  As he was interviewing us, he asked what he was doing there.  It sounds like Gpa’s needs are being met.

I said all of this started when I asked for a hospital bed.  He said he’d follow-up with the nurse that came out on Monday.

My daughter asked me why I didn’t just put the bed on the floor.  Mostly because it will be harder for me to get him in his chair.  My back is not happy with me at all.

Well last night, he kept saying he had to get up and then when I told him I’d help him, he slipped out of bed onto the floor!

So I put the bed on the floor. He couldn’t get up!  I was able to get 4 hours sleep.

I will be happy to tell my daughter that she was right!



Just a Matter of Time

I had to take Gpa to the hospital this weekend.  I thought he was stroking out but they said he was dehydrated.  I and Everyone who knows Gpa was surprised that he was.

He’s home now, after a few bags of saline solution.

I took him to his doctor to follow up.

He said it was just a matter of time.  Yes, you can say that about anyone.  If you do not die today, it is just a matter of time before you do.

I didn’t say this aloud.  I just nodded.  Good grief he’s 101.

I am glad that he ordered a hospital bed and a home health care evaluation.

Maybe we will be able to keep Gpa from falling when he gets out of bed in the middle of the night.