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Almost an Italian Weekend

I got excited on Friday.  A notice went out on the ukulele meet up that there was to be an Italian ukulele player giving a workshop on Saturday.  I thought that going might be fun.

Earlier in the week a friend had given me a newspaper clip about a church giving a concert series and on Sunday the violinist would be from Italy.

Oh how fun.  I even thought about maybe fixing an Italian meal.

Non of it happened.

The workshop isn’t until the 28th.  (need to pay attention to the details)

The newspaper clip told about 4 different nights and the Italian played last week.  I did see the violinist who played last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  (Again need to pay attention to the details)

And I never got around to fixing or going out for Italian.

Maybe I’ll plan to do that on the 28th.

I hope you had a great weekend what ever you did.