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Two Rules

I keep it simple at juggling class.  We have 2 rules.  Some days I may add another one. Like if the equipment hits you and it hurts, rub it out.

The 2 rules are :

It’s OK to drop.  If you drop, pick it up.

Have fun.  If you are not having fun, come see me and we’ll figure out something fun.

Last night I had 16 kids show up.  Only four of them had been before.  I don’t have enough equipment for that many kids to have 3 of anything .  I have to come up with activities to spread the equipment around.

Lots of kids, lots of noise, lots of things in the air.  Chaos.  Loved it.

At the end of class, I asked “Who dropped?”  All hands raised, many tentatively.

Then I asked, “Who had fun?” Hands raised and many nods.

“Yay!  you all followed the rules!”