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Ketchup Surprise

Remember how the other day I caught Gpa with a packet of ketchup?  And my first clue to check on him was a juicy sound after he had eaten.

Well, across the room from where he sits.  I found ketchup on the wall!  I’m not sure how it got all the way across the room without there being some on the table. The yellow is the wall, the red is the ketchup and the white is the back door frame.

I’m surprised that the ketchup is still red since it’s been on the wall for a few days.  I’m also surprised that the dogs haven’t found it.

I’m still wishing I had painted the breakfast nook a high gloss for easier clean up.

Is it  art?

ketchup surprise

ketchup surprise

Looks Like an Old Man



There will be days, months even that there seems to be no real decline.  Lately,  he’s been having a hard time following instruction.  I’ll tell him to take off his shoes and he’ll hold out his hands for me to take his gloves.  I’ll ask him if he wants to go for a ride, he’ll nod but not move to get up.

The other day I really took a look at Gpa.  He’s looking old.  More old.  He has a slight grey tinge, his cheeks are more sunken and his eyes are dull more often.

My daughter was visiting and I mentioned that to her.  She said it is because he is an old man.  “Aren’t you Gpa?”  He nodded.

I will start to worry and then he’ll do something that reminds me he still has a lot of living to do.  I left a ketchup packet on the table.  I was hearing a juicy sound coming from Gpa at the table but I was busy visiting my daughter so I didn’t investigate as I thought Gpa was playing with his coffee.  I was glad he had found something to do.

When I finally checked on him, he had little squirts of red all over his bib, the table, and his pants. He could see there was still some left.  He asked me to cut it in half.  I said, “OK.” and I took it from him.

He’s still got that problem solving scientific mind.